Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why No Postings?

Hi Everyone!  Yes, once again I must be chastised for not posting more often.  I was doing so well there for a while but as is usually the case, things got away from me and I've neglected you guys.  Sorry!

I wish I could say I was on a cruise, or had just won the lottery, but it's just plain old day-to-day life that's been keeping me busy.  I was sick for so long, (I still have the stupid cough!), that I got so far behind on everything, not to mention that my energy level was so low that it was taking me twice the time to do anything because of all the stops and starts.

While I was sick a business opportunity presented itself and I've been working on that like crazy, when I can get to it!  It's on the graphics side of my world and although I can't get into it yet, one of my designs has shown up all over the internet and I'm getting some positive responses which just may lead to a profitable sideline.  Now, wouldn't that be marvy?

So between being sick and slow moving, I've been frantically trying to get this other gig going and still taking care of my husband and son, and the little dog too!

My quilting has taken a back seat, although I'm working on the Tufted Tweets quilt when I need a break from the laptop.  I actually got some fabric a couple of weeks ago and it's still in the box.  Now, that's busy!

Anyway, I just wanted to check in to let you know that I'm still alive and kind of kicking, (I'd be doing that better if I hadn't fallen down the bleachers at my son's basketball game on Saturday and twisted my that's a whole other story!).  Please continue to check in and I'll continue to blog when I can.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day and have plans to enjoy the long weekend!

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Days Long Gone

Wow, it's been a while since I posted last.  I was on such a roll a couple of weeks ago but the spate of illnesses haven't helped matters.  Just when I was getting over  my dose, my son got sick again!  It's one of those years.

The good thing is that it's sunny and clear out here in California.  I actually have the fan going in my office for the first time since October.  It's not unusual for us to have this kind of weather in February, (even January), but it usually doesn't last for more than a week.  At least I hope not!  The one thing old school Californians don't wish away is rain, we always need it.

I'm still struggling with the remnants of my flu a week ago.  The cough is lingering, like it always does.  I called the doctor, but they're so busy with really sick people that he gave me a list of symptoms to watch out for.  So far, so good.  I do tend to hang onto a cough for a while, so it will probably be gone soon.

In the meantime I've been trying to catch up on all of the housekeeping and other chores I let go when I was sick.   It's great to have the energy to tackle them, but it wears off fast.  I dream of the days when I could be sick one day and completely well the next.  Those days are long gone...

Speaking of days long gone.  My mother recently got a letter from a cousin of hers she hasn't seen in 70 years!  Isn't that amazing?  It's a fortunate circumstance because since my grandparents moved from Nebraska out to California when my mother was very small, she had little contact with her family.  Now, were getting all kinds of information as her cousin is working on the family geneaology.

This whole geneaology thing is so much fun.  I started doing one side of our family a few years ago and was able to confirm a lot of the stories my grandmother had told me, as well as make some new friends.  A very kind lady from New Jersey sent me some books she'd self published about our family, and there was a picture of my great grandmother, and great-great grandparents.  The amazing thing is that I looked a lot like my great grandmother when I was a child the same age. 

I also got an email from another lady who was researching another side of my family and it turned out that she was my father's second cousin, and she had inherited pictures of his family I'd never seen.  It was terrific to hear from her, and to see a great shot of my great grandfather with his father and brothers, taken in San Francisco in 1906, just 5 months after the great earthquake and fire.

I've been thinking about this even more lately as when I was putting some linens away I discovered some of my grandmother's quilts that I'd forgotten about.  They aren't spectacular pieces as my grandmother was a very practical woman.  She was a phenomenal seamstress, but wasn't really a "quilter."  I think she must have needed bedcovers so she made these.  The workmanship is great, but the fatric choices aren't the best.  I suspect that as thrifty as she was she probably used whatever she had on hand.  It's a reminder that for most of the time people have quilted, it was for warmth.  It hasn't been that long that we've been able to do it just for the beauty of it.

Aren't we lucky?

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Quilting Celebrity

A few months ago I got an email from the editors of Quilter's Home asking me if my husband could do them a favor. 

Turns out they wanted to know the correct translations and pronunciation of some Gaelic words.  Now, those of you who've been reading this blog for a while know that my husband is from Ireland.  He grew up speaking English, (except with that charming Irish accent), but he was also required to learn Gaelic in school.  We call it Gaelic, he calls it "Irish."  Anyway, in Ireland there's been a concentrated effort to keep the traditional language from disappearing, so all children are taught "Irish" in school.  I even have a nephew who goes to an all "Irish" school.

So, David has some knowledge of the language, although he's now an American Citizen and has been in the States for over 17 years.  He's the first to admit he's rusty, but he hasn't forgotten most of the words and the pronunciations.  I suspect if he spent a few days with Irish speakers he'd manage just fine. 

We had a lot of fun going over the list of words they sent.  David gave them the best translation he could, although some of the words weren't ones he was familiar with.  The funniest part was trying to figure out what "great party" would be in Irish.  Turns out there are a lot of different names for parties, my favorite being:
ri ra ruiale buaile, (re-raw-roula-boula), which essentially means the party was so great that a fight broke out.  My husband says, if you've seen the end of "The Quiet Man" you'll know what it means.

Anyway, when the most recent issue of Quilter's Home came out they'd thanked my husband for his help, so now he's been mentioned in a quilting magazine.  How many years did I have to wait before that happened to me!  I don't even want to think about it.  I guess some of us seek fame, while others just find it.

Oh, and by they way, I am feeling much better.  The fever finally broke, although it's been coming back up to about 99 most afternoons.  I'm still coughing like a maniac, the only good thing is that I discovered that if I had a coughing jag when my son's opponents were shooting free throws, they missed!  Too bad the coughing jags were for real....and painful!

Oh well, at least I have a little more energy and have gone from staring at the walls, to walking over and looking at them up close....I really need to dust!

Happy Stitching!