Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fabric, Fabric, and More Fabric!

It’s the dirty little secret of quilting; fabric addiction.

We whine about having too much fabric, or complain about how much our fabric purchases cost, or about how hard it is to keep it all organized. Then what do we do when this gets us down? We log on or head out and buy more fabric!

It’s a disease….

I’ve been quilting since the late seventies and have purged my stash multiple times. My latest purge was a few months ago when I got rid of two large boxes worth. Fortunately, I was able to donate it to a local quilt guild that makes quilts for charity so I didn’t feel as bad about it . But, frankly, it’s kind of sad that I had all that fabric lying around, and I didn’t do anything with it!

So now I’m tackling the next phase of the process. Re-organizing and restacking the fabric I have left, along with the stuff I bought over the summer. It’s a huge task because I keep changing my mind about how I want to stack them. I used to do them by color but discovered that I liked having the different color ways of the same fabric together. And then there are all of the fabric collections, I like to keep them together as well. So, do I keep the metallics separate from the regular cottons, or do I mix them together by color? And what about those holiday prints?


What I usually end up doing is overanalyze the situation to the point that I just give up and start shoving everything back on the shelves. If you looked at my fabric case, (it ceased being a bookcase years ago), you’d see 3 shelves of neatly stacked color sorted fabrics, and then total chaos. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde, the neat, organized, anal me and the “it’s going to have to do because I’m so over it” me. I’m not a big believer in astrology, but I am a Gemini and those twins are two totally dysfunctional chicks!

Oh well, it’s back to the piles. I’m tackling stripes next…send in the clowns!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Back Into The Swing

I live in one of those school districts with a “modified” year round school schedule. It’s kind of an odd way to do things and although there are parts of it that I like, it also feels really strange to be sending your child off for the first day of school in July.

I remember the long, lazy summers I had as a child. I grew up in Central California where the temperature would hit 100 degrees and stay there sometimes for weeks. Did we care? Not really, we were young, and if we got hot we’d spray the hose at each other or throw water balloons, or go hang out at the local high school pool. Then for at least a week we’d all climb into the car, (no seatbelts used in those days!), and we’d head out for a road trip or a leisurely week at Lake Tahoe. It was heaven for me.

But not for my Mom. It wasn’t until years later when my own son was driving me crazy one summer that my mother told me that she couldn’t wait for us to go back to school. Turns out that what was heaven for me was hell for her. Of course, looking back on it I can understand. There was one of her and three of us. She was used to having her time to herself during the day to get done what she needed to get done. Now she had three kids, aged 5 years apart, all wanting to do different things at the same time. Always hungry, always hot, probably always whining … now I get it!

My 11 year old son started middle school yesterday. It was a nerve-racking day for both of us and although I was kind of looking forward to having the “free” time, I felt out-of-sorts all day. It was one of those days when I had the time but I didn’t do anything with it. Well, I guess I did some things, it’s not like I literally sat down and stared at the wall, (and I’ve actually had those days….). But all of the plans I had for the projects I was going to tackle didn’t happen, and now I’m feeling the pressure building for what I need to accomplish today.

I’m determined to finish sorting through my fabric. I have stuff I’ve purchased over the summer that I need to organize and put away, and I also have to start piecing a quilt that I’ve already cut the pieces for.

Oh well, like Scarlett says, “Tomorrow’s another day!”


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cranky is as Cranky does...

After I named my blog, set it up, and sat down to write my first post it occurred to me that I'm not really sure who I'm writing this for. I know that for me it's a bit of therapy, a way to work out those artistic kinks and get me motivated. But I started wondering about who would be attracted to a blog called "The Cranky Quilter."

Now, I guess if you're looking for a word expressing a certain amount of dissatisfaction, "cranky" is less threatening than most. I mean who'd read a blog called "The Surly Quilter," or "The Depressed Quilter," or even "The Peri-Menopausal Quilter with a Mean Streak." "The Grumpy Quilter" isn't as bad but for some reason it seems like it has too much testosterone for me, (maybe it's all those viewings of "Grumpy Old Men" ). The fact is that if you want to express a certain amount of unhappiness, mostly temporary, and often alleviated with a touch of humor, I guess "cranky" is the best term.

And cranky I am, usually for a reason, but often not, (it's called Menopause ladies...). So, if you just had a difficult guild meeting, got ignored at the quilt shop (again!), or just realized you pieced a whole series of blocks backwards, join me and cater to your inner cranky child. You know you want to.....