Saturday, January 22, 2011

Japanese Fabric Inspirations

 I found a wonderful selection of Japanese import fabrics over at  I just love how whimsical and fun they are.  Check these out:

Aren't these cute?  In the 80s I ordered a few Japanese quilt magazines and they really changed my quilting style.  At the time I was doing very traditional work, but I fell in love with the unusual color combinations and fabric choices. The designs were traditional but the execution was anything but.  I was hooked!

Along with the whimsical, there were also some really lovely sewing related fabrics.  I wish I could afford to buy enough of the green one to make shades for my studio.  That's the one minus with these prints, they're expensive!  The other thing is that the fabric isn't necessarily like other all cotton quilting fabrics.  Some of these have linen in them, others are brushed cotton, which can sometimes be a problem.

 However, even though they're pricey, a half yard would go a long way if you used them as a focus fabric and raided your stash for coordinating pieces.  The kiddie styles would be cute in a simple square baby quilt, or as part of a patchwork diaper bag.    I could also picture the print directly above made into simple pillows for a neutral color couch or chair.  Maybe I'll pick up a yard, it would be perfect as summer slipcovers for my brown velvet settee!

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Happy Stitching!



Staci said...

Want to hear a sad little story? I lived in Japan for 7 years and although I spent hours looking at it, never bought even 1 inch of fabric. I wasn't quilting at that time. . . . (sigh. . . . )

Deb said...

Your suggestion about "new eyes" is excellent! Sometimes I think of it like wine. It has to age/mature to a point where it tells me what it needs. At least that's my excuse for my longer WIP's. But, I definately like the idea of placing it in unexpected places where I will see it throughout the day.