Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Thanks Everyone!

Gee, it's great to have so many people care about you.  I appreciate all of your good thoughts and prayers.

Fortunately, when I felt myself getting sick I stocked up a few posts so I was able to really rest.  Today is the first day I ventured out other than to pick my son up from school or take him to basketball practice.  I actually went to the supermarket!  I really hate going to the supermarket, but it was great to be able to get a little bit back to normal.

I'd love to say that I'm 100% better but although the voice is back, (sorry hubby!), the cough is better, and I have more energy, I'm still running a cursed low grade fever which never goes over 100 or under 99.5.  Just get to normal, already!  I know it's not very high but it's really wiping me out.  I'm not really sick enough to do nothing, but I don't have enough energy to do much of anything.  Bummer!

Oh well, it's a lot easier to be sick now then it was when my son was little.  Now he's nearly 13 and capable of getting his own snack and doing his own homework and helping me out when I need him.  Thank goodness!  When he was about 12 months old we all got a horrible flu bug. All of us had fevers of 104.  I still don't know how I took care of the two of them and myself.  It must have been one of those superhuman mother moments.

I actually had one of those when my son was at his old elementary school.  There was a busy road in front of the school with all kinds of cones and big bright white lines where the children crossed.  My son and I started across the street and some idiot came around the corner right at us going about 35 miles an hour.  My son was right in his path but somehow I managed to grab my son by the collar and move him behind me just as the car was about to hit him.  It was so close that the car grazed my legs and I was lucky it didn't run over my feet.

I'll never forget it because it happened so fast but in my mind's eye it was in slow motion.  It wasn't until a moment later that I heard all of the screaming of the other mothers who had watched our narrow escape.  They said that I very calmly just picked him up and moved him, as if it was something I did everyday.  It wasn't long after that the school finally got a crossing guard, and then that crossing guard was seriously hurt at the same crossing.  After that a police car sat there every morning and afternoon.

I still believe that our guardian angel was there that day.  I tried to lift him the same way that evening to show my husband what happened and I couldn't budge him.  The only explanation of how I was able to do it the first time is that I had a little help.

Now I just need a little more help to kill this fever and then I'll be back in the saddle again!

Thanks again for all of your good wishes,

Happy Stitching!


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