Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Twas a few days before Christmas....

I don't know how many of you have seen this sign before.  Supposedly, it was posted in London during the Blitz during World War II.  It's so very "British" isn't it?

The way things have been going around here, this is the sign I'll be posting:

Yes, it's another calm and quiet Christmas at the ol' Cranky Quilter's house.  Actually, it's way too calm and quiet, although I'm not sure if I'd use the word "calm."

It's now almost 2:00 pm California time and I have no idea where my husband is.  He was in Belgium last week for a business trip and on his way back stopped to pay a quick visit with his family in Ireland.   He was supposed to leave yesterday morning but after waiting 3 hours in the plane on the tarmac, the flight was cancelled and the airport closed.  Fortunately, his sister lives in Dublin so he wasn't scrambling for a hotel, but as of now we have no idea when or if he will be home today.  He called late last night saying he was headed to the airport to see if he could get "Out of Ireland."   He has no internet or phone access and told me that I would probably not hear from him again until he was either in the US or at his sister's house.

So, now it's 10 pm in Ireland, the possible flight numbers he gave me are "unknown" on the online tracking, and I've heard nothing from him.  This could be a good sign, but then maybe not.  My hope is that he's on a plane heading to the US, but if he is and it's this late, he will probably be spending the night in an airport terminal somewhere.  Oh, the joys of Christmas travel!

The last couple of days have been eventful for me as well.  My teenage nieces came to visit and yesterday I took them to The Palace of the Legion of Honor art museum in San Francisco.  What a fun day we had!  They had never been to a museum of that caliber, and it's in such a beautiful spot, right at the tip of San Francisco Bay looking out over the ocean. 

It was so much fun for me having the opportunity to take them around the City.  I went to college at San Francisco State, and also lived there for a few years afterwards.  So, to say I know my way around is putting it mildly.  My older niece loves SF but gets so nervous driving there, I think I impressed her with the way I zipped around, bypassing traffic whenever possible, and giving them a compact tour at the same time.

Since the most scenic way to get to the museum is to take the last SF exit heading to the Golden Gate Bridge, we decided to stop and enjoy the view.  It was a beautiful day as we had a short break in our stormy weather, so the views were spectacular.  The wind had cleared the fog out and you could see the entire bay.  I then took them to one of my secret spots that I discovered when I was a student.  It's a small, difficult to find road in the Presidio, that takes you behind some bunkers onto a bluff where you can look directly down onto the bridge. 

We then proceeded through the Presidio and then through the very high-end Sea Cliff residential area.  We were all oooohing and aaaahing at the beautiful mansions, what a way to live!

 Then it was off to the museum!

I hadn't been there in years and was so impressed with how well designed it is and what a fabulous collection of European art it held.  We were spellbound by gallery after gallery of masterworks.  My nieces both love art, and the older one just finished a college course in art history.  She was excited to see the work of artists she'd been studying!  It's one thing to read about it but another thing to see it up close.  They also had several rooms from old French houses that had been reassembled inside the museum, complete with chandeliers and furniture.  It was almost like being in Paris!

We had lunch in the cafe, where the menu items were in French, (which I massacred with my horrible flat California accent).  As were enjoying our French inspired food on the patio, (it was warm enough to eat outside!), we overheard a group of people speaking French near us.   I told my son and the girls to close their eyes and imagine that they really were in France. If you imagine just right you can get there, even for a moment!

What a great day we had, beautiful scenery, great food, art, shopping, and to top it off we stopped by the Cheesecake Factory for a slice of cheesecake.  Ahhhhhhh! 

Now if my husband would just get home safe and sound....

Hope you're all having a great buildup to the holiday,

Happy Stitching!



Beth said...

Great imagery!!! I know just where you are driving... I can see the bay, Presidio and the mansions in my mind- although there have been a few changes to the museum since I was last there...and I'm sure to the mansions as well. I remember when the bride was just 4 lanes too!

Anonymous said...

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