Monday, December 6, 2010

Time to Quilt?

Finally!  The decorating is done.  I spent most of Saturday working on putting things out, (and then putting away all of the empty boxes). 

Above is my Christmas village on the sideboard in my dining room.  Of course, this is Christmas in California so you can see the bougainvillea blooming in the background.  We've had enough warm days interspersed with cold and rain that they're still thriving!

Above are some detail shots.  It was a real pain pulling each house out of its' box and disrobing it of its' styrofoam packaging.  About half way through I just wanted to give up.  But then, once they were all out and I was arranging them it was really fun.  Especially when I saw them lit up for the first time!

This is my suburban village.  The first one is downtown, and this is where the tiny people live, (it's in a another room....quite a commute if you're 2 inches tall!).  Unfortunately, we couldn't find another power strip so these aren't lit yet.  Oh, and if you look carefully you can see an angel's head behind the house on the left.  She's not some giant avenging angel....she's supposed to be on the top of our tree!

The reason she isn't is because my husband refuses to trim off one of the branches on the top of the tree.  If I put the angel on, "as is," she looks like she's been on the sauce and is about to keel over.  So, instead of arguing about it I just left her off.  I figure the fact that there is no tree topper will bother him more over time then the "disfigurement" of the tree.  It usually works out that way....

I tried to take photos of the tree but they were all fuzzy, something to do with my flash and the flashing lights, (or it could be that I'm not very good with a camera!).  Anyway, I did get one detailed shot.  As you can see there's a doll tucked in between the boughs.  It's one of the Madame Alexander dolls that I collected as a child.  Years ago my mother started tucking them in the tree and now it's become a tradition.    This tree has nice thick boughs so the dolls sat nicely tucked inside.

I did manage to get one decent photo of the tree by accident.  This is my front hall and you can see the tree, (with it's offending top, you tell me how you can stick an angel on that?).  The front hall table is well used in our home so it has to be practical as well as decorated.  It's also where we put our nativity scene so we can set the "Reason for the Season" first thing.

My mantel is very simply decorated.  It's not very wide and I don't like the look of wires coming down, so we just keep it symmetrical and simple.   Actually, this year I've kept the decorating a lot simpler than usual.  I only put up half of the tree ornaments, decided not to light up the entertainment center, and am only decorating downstairs.  It took me half the time, and frankly, we've decided we like it better.  It's festive but not too fussy.  Considering that we're in a clearing house frame of mind it's a good thing.  

Now, the true test....will I find some time to quilt today?  Geez, I hope so.....

I hope you do too!

Happy Stitching!


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