Monday, November 15, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing

A few posts ago I wrote about how my stash was getting out of control.  Today I was pulling fabrics for some Christmas gifts, (those of you on my list, don't get too know me!), and it dawned on me that having too much can be nearly as bad as having too little.

Now, those of you with stash envy probably think I'm crazy, I know I would have thought the same.  However, it becomes more difficult when you have too many choices to make decisions.  I'm always second guessing myself that maybe that fabric would be better, or that one, or that one, and before I know it I've successfully avoided selecting anything, or getting anything done.  It's a bummer!

There was a great line in the film "Mary Poppins."

Enough is as good as a feast.

I use it when my son, (or me), wants another cookie.  It's really true about everything, even a fabric stash.  The problem is, when do you know that enough is enough?  It's not like when you eat too much ice cream or drink too many margaritas and end up riding the big white bus.  It just kind of creeps up on you, one minute you have plenty of space, the next your house looks like an episode of "Hoarders."

I was feeling overwhelmed today.  I loved everything and couldn't make up my mind what to use.  So, I did what I would do professionally, I narrowed down my choices.  I selected a few of the fabrics that I really loved and couldn't wait to use, selected a pattern with lights and darks so I'd have to meet those criteria, and then picked out other fabrics to coordinate with my faves.

I now have a nice selection sitting on my ironing table waiting to be pressed and cut.  Right now it feels pretty good, but that's because I'm in the "zone."  However, I have to stop now, clean out my dishwasher, start dinner, and then get ready to head out to basketball practice.  Once again life is interrupting my mojo flow...

On a personal note, my son's team lost their championship game.  It was sad because they'd only lost one other game all season but we should have seen it coming.  They were only eeking out wins and luck seemed to be on their side.  Saturday night the other team just overwhelmed them.  The boys were so upset and some of the parents took it pretty hard.  My son was bummed out but he always handles these things well.  My husband thought he should be more upset, but as I told him, he was the one that trained him how to win and lose.  I'm actually proud of my son for taking it so well and supporting his teammates who weren't.  The ability to bounce back from disappointment is a great gift, I'm glad he has it.

Besides, if they had won they would have had to play the team whose parents taunted us out to the parking lot a few weeks ago.  I'm just as glad we won't have to go through that again, and I imagine if they lose this game it could be worse. 

Hope things are going well on your end,

Happy Stitching!



Bug said...

ARGH I hate it when life interrupts my mojo flow too! And it's always dinner! Why do people around here need to eat, anyway? lol

Stray Stitches said...

Life seems to interrupt our favorite things quite often. It's funny you mentioned "Hoarders" because my daughter watches that religiously. I'm afraid that one day she will come to visit and think that I'm one of those unfortunate souls but so far she hasn't said anything about all of my fabric stashes - lol!!