Friday, November 5, 2010



OMG!  My stash is beginning to take over my house. 

It's the result of one of those good news/bad news scenarios.  The good news is that there've been some fantastic fabric sales!  The bad news....well, I was seduced by the great prices.  What can I do?  These fabric websites and quilt stores have seriously got my number.  Offer me a $10 per yard fabric for $4, then let me buy only half a yard, and don't charge me shipping.  We'll, I'd just have to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic not to indulge.

Of course, now I have a problem.  What to do with all of this stuff! 

I've had this off and on love affair with fabric for years.  I've been known to go 6 months without buying anything, and then go on fabric benders that only end when I can't squeeze any more in.  I'm in the no-squeeze zone so I have to pick it up a notch and do some serious sewing.

Problem is, I haven't been in the mood.  What's funny is that before I go to sleep I have all of these wonderful ideas of things I want to do.  I'm all excited about it.  Then I wake up, get my son off to school, run errands, work around the house, and then get sidetracked on some unimportant project....only to discover that it's 3:00 and time to pick my son up from school.  Then it goes downhill from there; there's homework, then football practice, then dinner, then bedtime, then I once more get excited about sewing only to fall asleep and start the whole routine all over again.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to tackle my scrapbox.  I have a lot of strips in different sizes and my plan is to start sewing them together randomly and make my own patchwork fabric.  I've been piecing off and on all day today and things are moving along pretty well.  Unfortunately, I have to constantly battle the voice inside me that says, "It's not working like you'd planned, maybe you should give up..." 

I really hate that voice!  It's so annoying and disheartening.  I used to think that it came from some imagined slight in my childhood but I've come to the realization that I'm 100% responsible for it.  By not pursuing my ideas I'm taking away the possibility that they could be disasters.  Of course, I'm also taking away the possibility that they could be great.  That voice really needs to shut up!

I always do soooooo much better when I can silence that evil twin.  I often think about what I could have accomplished in my life if I hadn't given it so much power.  It's an interesting thought.  What could I have done if I'd shut that loser up years ago?

I guess there's no point worrying about that now, but I'm going to remember to share that insight with my son and my nieces.  Stopping yourself from fulfilling your destiny is just plain wrong.  I've got to work on that one.

In the meantime, since I'm not listening to ol' cranky killjoy today, I'm going to get back to my piecing and see how it turns out.  It might be crappy, but then at least I can say I've used some of my fabric stash up.

Gotta look for those win-wins wherever you can find them!

Happy Stitching,


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Stray Stitches said...

Do what feels best for yourself. I'm much the same way. I have put myself on a no more buying fabric leash until at least after the New Year. Stash busting is a must - no more room!!!