Friday, November 19, 2010

Multi Tasking

Wow, what a difference a couple of days off can make!  I'm just amazed at how much I've accomplished yesterday and today so far.  I guess I was right when I thought a little "time off" might do the trick of amping up my mojo. 

Yesterday I actually finished piecing my little dog coat.  I ironed it on to some fusible fleece and am going to do a simple machine quilting so I can speed up the process.  I'd thought of doing the quilting by hand but realized that with Thanksgiving coming up, it would be nice to have the coat finished before I get caught up in the holidays.  I don't want this to end up in the WIP pile!

So, if all goes well I'll have more to show tomorrow.  Who knows?  I may actually finish this thing today....woo hoo!

I called this post "Multi Tasking" because I've been tackling a lot of projects the last few days, not necessarily quilting ones.  I'm sure that all of you have things you have to get done, especially with the holidays coming.  My husband is heading to Europe in mid December and will be able to stop and visit his family in Ireland on the way home.  So, I've been putting together small gifts for his nieces and nephews.  They have to be small and light due to luggage restrictions.  He's going to be on a business trip so he can't travel with too much baggage, so it's been a challenge finding appropriate gifts that will fit. 

I'm also going to be hosting Thanksgiving at my home this year so I'm starting to get ready for that.  I try to get a headstart on putting things away and cleaning out cupboards, etc.  It's a good time to do that kind of thing because I'll then have space for all of the holiday food.  And it makes it less embarrasing when guests are trying to help in the kitchen....if they opened some of my cupboards today they'd get hit by flying soup cans and packages of pasta.  Probably not a good way to treat your guests, especially the helpful ones!
Since I've been out and about shopping for family in Ireland I always have an eye out for things for my own family.  Today I had a chance to go into one of my favorite bargain stores, Fallas.  Everything is inexpensive and some of it is really cheap in more ways than price.  However, that's part of what makes it fun, trying to find the "real" bargains.

I got lucky today.  My son has been wanting a Giants shirt, they're a local team for us and we've always rooted for them unless they were playing the A's, (it's so handy they're in different leagues).  I guess you could say they're our favorite National League team.  Anyway, because of the world series win, Giants stuff at a reasonable price is very hard to find.  Imagine my surprise when I found this Giants long sleeved thermal shirt for only $3.99!

Of course, as is often the case at Fallas, there was a reason it was so inexpensive.  The "I" and the "A" had been damaged by the ink rubbing off onto the shirt from the tag, (you can see the pattern of the waffle weave on the tag).  Under closer examination I realized that the ink was only sitting on top of the vinyl letters, so I took a chance that I could clean it off.

Well, a little Goo-Gone on a paper towel and some brisk scrubbing got the black ink off and now I have a perfectly beautiful shirt that my son will love and that only set me back $3.99.  Woo hoo!!!

The other thing I love about Fallas is that they have very low priced bead jewelry.  These strands were only $1.99 each, a huge bargain because they cost a lot more in the craft store.  It will take me some time to take the necklaces apart but the pink and purple beads are colors I don't have, and the quality looks good.  So, it looks like I'll be spending part of this upcoming stormy weekend sorting beads!

I'm going to head off and quilt the patchwork for the dog coat and put on my new pair of contact lenses. Now, the contact lenses are a story, but one I'm saving for a day when I don't mind looking like a complete moron!  It's classic me....

Hope your weekend is productive and happy!

Happy Stitching,


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