Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Facing Reality

I called this post "Facing Reality" because I think there comes a time when that's exactly what we have to do.  I have a capacity to delude myself for a while; there's always that feeling that if I just worked a little bit harder that I could get everything done.  Yeah, really!

Anyway, I've had to accept that I will not be able to finish the Joann's contest quilt in time to make the deadline.  I thought I could but between illnesses, business, and family obligations.... it doesn't look like it's possible.  It's too bad because I think if I had about another month I could do it, but that's the way it goes.  Fortunately, due to all of "the things that came up" I hadn't gotten a lot done so I'll be able to salvage it for something else.  I am disappointed though.

I am of the opinion that if obstacles keep being thrown in your way that it's God's way of telling you, "Don't go there girl!"  I try to remember this when I'm frustrated because I know that things usually work out better when I go with the flow than when I fight it.  If something is supposed to happen and will be good for me things will fall into place.  When they don't and frankly create huge hulking walls of doom.... that's a good clue that it's time to move on.

One time I keep this in mind is when I'm trying to get somewhere and I just can't get any luck getting there.  I can't find my keys, I hit every red light, I get behind a slow poke who has no idea what a gas pedal is know what I mean! 

About 2 years ago there was a horrible accident near my home.  A woman was hit head on and killed instantly.  It happened about 2:00 in the afternoon, on a street that I drive down at about that time on a regular basis.  That particular day, there was a last minute thing I had to take care of at work so I ended up running about 20 minutes late.  At the time I was frantic because I didn't want to be late to pick up my son at school.  So I was rushing to get home when I hit a major traffic jam on my regular route.  There was an overpass with an exit so I took it instead, knowing I could get to my son's school quicker if I was moving than if I was sitting.

It wasn't until the evening news that I found out that the accident had happened.  The victim was driving where I would have been if I hadn't been held up at work and she was hit by an out of control driver.  It could easily have been me.  So, now I try to remember that close call and not get too frustrated when I get delayed.  I'd rather get there late then not at all.

It's that way with everything.  It seems like life keeps throwing up obstacles and I keep dodging them, (when I can), or dealing with them, (the more likely scenario).  I had a friend years ago whose favorite motto was "Live for the moment!"  At the time I thought she was just free spirited but now that I'm older I realize that the moments need to be lived and appreciated as much as the longer spaces of time.  I keep reminding my son who wishes something would be over, that you should never wish away time, that you need to try to make the best of even the most difficult circumstances.  Although there are times when time seems to stand still, (like waiting at the DMV), most of the time it's racing by, never to come back again.

So, I decided to put away my Joann's quilt and continue to work on piecing together my scraps.  The photo above shows some of the strip piecing I've been doing.  As soon as I finish here I'm going to start trimming and playing and seeing what I come up with.  My son is now home sick, (yes, I am the Typhoid Mary of my house!), so he's resting and I get to be "Mommy" again.  Isn't it interesting how you're "Mom" until they get sick, then it's "Mommy" again like when they were 3?  Hate the sick part, kinda like the "Mommy" part....

Hope things are great on your end and you don't have any sick bunnies at your homes!

Happy Stitching!


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Stray Stitches said...

As the saying goes "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade". Hope your son is feeling better now. I like what I can see of your strip piecing!!