Monday, November 8, 2010

Cold Comfort

In my last post I wrote about how I was going to go to the Raider's game on Sunday.  Well, the best laid plans don't always work out.

Late last week I was feeling a little under the weather, kind of like I was getting a cold.  However, I didn't take it seriously until Saturday afternoon.  By then my voice was nearly gone, so I was squeaking out cheers at my son's playoff game, (they won).  I was pretty well medicated so I got through it OK, thank God for Day-Quil!

However, by the time we got home on Saturday night I had a fever and spent the night alternating between broiling and having chills, it was no fun and such incredible timing.  By the time I woke up at 5am to get ready to go to the game it was obvious I wasn't going anywhere.  So, I helped my husband and son get ready and get on their way and sat on the couch, wrapped in a warm blanket, with my little dog on my lap all day.

I was also feeling very guilty because it was pouring rain and my family was trying to tailgate and not get drenched.  Fortunately, by the time the game started the rain had stopped but then they had to deal with the crazy, foul mouthed Raider crowd.  We had hoped that since most of our section would be our players and their families that it wouldn't be too bad, but things got a little intense when a girl dropped her nachos and her father blamed one of our 13 year old boys.  My husband and a few of the other fathers jumped to his defense and were able to get him calmed down, (my son's 6' 5" coach was the main reason!), but it put a damper on the whole game.

They moved the boys onto the field so they got to be nearby when the Raiders tied the game, and then saw the overtime play close up.  They also had a positive encounter with one of the Raiders who came over and encouraged them.  Then when the game was over they got to go out on the messed up sopping wet field for a scrimmage.  The boys enjoyed the play, but by that time everyone was "over it" and couldn't wait to get home!

My husband and son did not really enjoy the day, it was one big nightmare from the early start, to the parking lot traffic jam, to the drenched tailgate, the foul-mouthed fans, and the run in with the nacho drenched girl's dad.  Right now they can't see the silver lining of it, which to me is obvious.  My son won't be begging to go to another NFL game, he has new found respect for his Dad, he became closer to his teammates, and there won't be any more complaining about sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon watching football.  His comfy chair is looking pretty good!

Next week we have our league championship game, and then it's on to the Super Bowl, if we win!  I really want the boys to go all the way but I am really over football.  He's going to miss two basketball games with his long-term team so that's a real bummer.  I think if we'd known that this would be the football season that never ends we might have thought twice about this!

Oh well, I'm feeling better today, the voice is beginning to come back and I'm no longer coughing and sneezing.  Unfortunately, my hubby is coming down with it.  And I wonder why I can't get any quilting done!

Such is life!

Happy Stitching!



Jean said...

I really enjoy your blog. This made me think of a Dolphins/St. Louis Cardinals football game back when my husband and I were newlyweds. (Today is our 35th anniversary.) We got free tickets on the 50 yd. line. Unfortunately, the weather took a dip in St. Louis, and the temp dropped into the 20's. I had sent his only winter coat to the cleaners. He was frozen and grumpy. Still remember that miserable game. And it made me remember a major league baseball game where a beer got poured on my head. And a high school championship game where as a band parent we sat in the driving rain in Birmingham,AL.

Stray Stitches said...

Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. My husband has attended a couple of Raider games and says that the fans are definitely different. His friend was almost attacked once because he innocently wore a shirt that was the color of the opposing team (he's not a fb fan so didn't even really know who was playing). I'll stay home and watch from the comfort of my chair where I can mute the sound if I want.