Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coat of Many Colors

Well, it's about time!  I finally finished a project, just in time for the first big storm of the year.

Above is my little dog Indy in his new coat, very snazzy!  The original pattern was very simple, and it went together, (once the patchwork was finished), in a few hours.  I'm very excited about how it looks, it suits him, and with the fleece lining and little fur collar, is also very cozy.

He doesn't usually like coats very much, but he seemed to take to this one.  It gives him a lot of freedom of movement so that's probably why.  Of course, the band around his tummy doesn't interfere with his boy parts so that makes him happy as well.

Here's a detail.  You can see the fur collar and the covered button I used to secure the front.  The part around his neck is attached by velcro, but it was a little long so the button holds it in place.
He's looking a bit pensive in this picture, I think he was just waiting for the photo shoot to be over!

Here's an overview of what the coat looks like.  Ignore the dirty rug, it's right by our back door. This little guy tracks in all kinds of stuff but I guess it's better that he does his business outside instead of on our new wood floors!

That's it for now.  It's so wonderful to have this done and it's inspired me to tackle more projects around my house like cleaning out my kitchen cupboards.  I cleaned under the sink today, (yuck!), and am going to be moving some other things around tonight.  It will be nice to have things in better order before Thanksgiving!

Happy Stitching!



vivian said...

Too cute! Love the fur collar. :)

Stray Stitches said...

Indy looks nice and toasty! The fur collar is a cute accent too.