Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons....

I''m sure you've all heard the saying, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."  Well, sometimes it seems life doesn't hand them to you, it's more like life is pelting you with lemon grenades!

Everytime I think I might make that small pitcher of lemonade, I end up with enough lemons to make lemon curd, lemon pie, lemon-coconut cake, about 5 gallons of lemonade, and still have some to suck on to go with my mood.

My mother warned me that as you get older things get easier in some ways and harder in others.  I supposed it's a good thing that life has tossed enough lemons my way that I'm an accomplished lemonade maker because now I need to really start squeezing those lemons!

I've been thinking a lot in the past few years about how lemons can be sweet and sour.  I've been thrown some pretty heavy lemons, but for some reason things have so far worked out mostly for the best.  Of course, there's only so much control you have over life, (which is to say....none!), the only control you do have is how you handle that lemon surplus.

My 12 year old son has been experiencing some unusual symptoms of numbness and tingling in his back and hips.  Last Wednesday he had a really bad night so I called the doctor and we went in Thursday afternoon.  His doctor referred the case to the pediatric neurologist who called me last night.  I received the call after 7pm while I was at my son's football practice.  Turns out they want to do an MRI and some lab tests because they're concerned.  His symptoms are very unusual for someone his age and are usually accompanied by illnesses he doesn't have, (otherwise he's the picture of health).  The first thing the doctor said is that football stops NOW, and he mean't NOW.  He's also pulled him from P.E. until we find out what's going on.

I'm sure you can understand what we're going through right now.  The doctors can't tell us what it is but it's obvious they're taking it very seriously.  They could be erring on the side of caution, but they are totally stumped with this situation, hopefully the MRI will help get us a diagnosis.  My hope is that it's just some freaky thing he'll grow out of.

We've been so blessed with this child of ours.  He has always been the sweetest little guy and so considerate; we only lost one night to teething and he slept throught the night after the 2nd week.  He was born about 5 weeks early but after some early concerns has been growing like a weed and has been healthy as a horse.  When the doctor asked me if he had any medication allergies I could honestly tell him that the last prescription he had was for an ear infection when he was 3.  The thought that he might actually have some kind of serious medical condition freaks me out.

He also really loves his sports.  He plays all the major sports and is currently doing football and baseball, and is supposed to start basketball next week.  I don't know what he'd do without them.  The exercise is important but his teammates are an  important part of his life.  Heck, this will be the 5th year he's playing with his basketball team.  He'd miss out on so much, it breaks my heart to think about it.

So, right now I feel like I'm shoveling lemons.

Now, on a lighter note...

Thanks for the advice on the Go cutters.  I did find some cheaper prices on the larger GO, Amazon had it for $209.  I'm thinking I'm going to wait until the Baby Go comes out in a few weeks, they might mark the bigger ones down even more, or there might be a good deal on the Baby Go's.  I'm leaning towards the large GO but I think I'll pass on the starter set.  It's probably more than I need.

Thanks again for the advice, and please send your good thoughts and prayers our way. 

Happy Stitching!



Stray Stitches said...

My prayers will include you and your son!

SaraherP said...

I am keeping your family in my prayers.