Sunday, October 10, 2010

AccuQuilt "GO" or No?

Well, I'm about ready to make the plunge and buy myself a fabric cutter.  I'm so tired of rotary cutters and mats and rulers.  It seems to take forever for me to get set up to do any cutting so I'd love something simple and easy.

I'd love your advice on these machines.  I've been eyeing them for a while, but have been turned off by the price and the fact that everything seems to be sold separately.

Joann's has a great price on this "Starter Set," it's $349.99 for everything which is a deal when you look at how much the pieces cost individually.  However, $350, (+tax), is no bargain, and I wonder if I need all of those dies.
 The Standard "GO" cutter includes dies that I would use, and it's $299 most of the time at Joann's.  It's tempting to spend $50 more and get more, but then what good is it if I don't use it?  But then, if I did get it I suspect I'd find a way to use those dies I didn't think I wanted.....hmmm.....

Westminster Fabrics has joined with Sissix to produce a less expensive cutter.  At about $80 it looks like it could do the job, but then it also looks kind of cheap.  The dies aren't much cheaper either, at about $22 each, (and those were sales prices).

 I'm tempted to pre-order the new Baby GO which is coming out in mid November.  It's only $139, and is a great size, (probably big enough for my purposes), but it doesn't come with any dies so that could get pricey at about $30 each.  I'm assuming it comes with the cutting mat, but I'm not sure as it doesn't really say on the website.
So, what do you guys think?  If you have one of these cutters I'd love to get your feedback.  I'm leaning towards the "Starter Set" deal, but price could be a deal breaker on that because I will have to order it online and I suspect the shipping will add up.

Let me know your thoughts, I'd love some advice!

Happy Stitching,



Christy said...

I don't yet have one, but I'm in the market myself. I've played with my friends Go and absolutely love it for the half square triangles. As I was searching the internet, I've found various prices ... some quite a bit cheaper than the $350 tag. I don't know about the baby GO but I am intrigued with it myself but I don't like that it doesn't come with any dies. I'm interested to see what you choose.

501 Quilt Blocks said...

I recently purchased the Starter GO! from Accuquilt for considerably more than JoAnn's is offering it for. I've only used the 6.5 inch square and the value die (2.5 sq., 4.5 sq. 2 inch 1/2 sq triangle). I find myself planning some of my projects around what I can do with the GO!. Personally, I wish I hadn't bought the GO! I think I'd have been happier with the Baby had I known they were coming out with it. I wish I had a number of the special dies (sunbonnet sue, leaves, rose, bugs) but for the price, I plan to just cut my own applique pieces. Also, I don't think you really save that much time with the GO! because you have to precut your fabric in order to limit your scraps. Sorry if this sounds so negative. I think I'm in the minority.

SaraherP said...

If you go to Jaybirdquilts, there is a good review. If you look in her sidebar and click reviews, it will come up. I thought she was very thorough in testing it.

Stray Stitches said...

I have preordered the Baby GO. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will exactly what I'm look for.