Tuesday, October 19, 2010

175th Post, and a Giveaway!

Hi Everybody!  Hard to believe but this is my 175th post.  Now, if I didn't take extended breaks like I've been doing lately, well, I'd be at twice that, (bad, bad, bad blogger!  Ouch!).

It's been quite a ride.  I've been fortunate in having some terrific followers and readers, who have put up with my cranky menopausal mood swings, along with a sprinkling of complicated explanations of what I do.  (Good thing it's only about the quilting stuff I do!)

I feel very blessed because within 6 months this blog was named one of 55 Rad Blogs by Quilter's Home Magazine.  How Melissa and Jake discovered me I don't know, but it was a great boost to me and this blog.  It also encouraged me to continue, even though there are times when I really don't need "one more thing."  (I'm sure you can all relate!)

In honor of the 175th post I'm having a giveaway.

It's a DVD from C&T Publishing about Art Quilting Basics.  I received a duplicate of it in my Quilter's Home Mojo Doll Prize Package so I thought I'd give it away here. 

OK, I know that a couple of weeks ago I was on a real bender about "Art Quilting" and all that.  I can be a real horse's patootie about somethings sometimes.  I still believe that "quilts" should have "quilting" but have decided to live and let live on the rest of it, as long as I don't have to wear rubber gloves, we're cool.

Now, I haven't viewed my other copy of this DVD yet.  Between football, baseball, and basketball practice, not to mention the SF Giants in the playoffs, (sorry Phillies fans, but GO GIANTS!), the TV has either been tuned to sports or turned to OFF.   My husband has a business trip coming up so I'm planning to sit down and watch a couple of my DVDs after I put my son to bed.  I suppose I could watch them during the day, but I think I must have farmer genes.  If the sun's up I can't be sitting down watching TV.  I even hate going to the movies during the day....there's light!  Shouldn't I be doing something????

Anyway, here's how it works.  Send an email to thecrankyquilter@gillygaloofus.com.  I will be collecting email addresses until Sunday, October 24th.  One entry only please.

Now, an update on my son.  His MRI is this afternoon at 3:30 pm and I hope to have some good news within a day or two.  In the meantime he's begun his asthma medication and has a lot more energy already.  I'm not sure how it will help him in football as he's effectively benched until we get the all clear.  He's been attending practices and helping how he can, but being a lineman there's not a lot he can do.  The game on Saturday was hard on him, but there are 4 other injured boys on his team so he's not alone.

I feel so sorry for the injured boys, even before my son joined their group.  One kid broke his arm during a scrimmage before the season began, he's missed the entire season.  A couple of our boys are on crutches due to ankle and leg injuries.  This weekend when a boy on the field was hurt the coaches called out for the boys to "take a knee."  Of course, the boys did what the coaches told them but the kids on the crutches had a dilemma.  When they realized there was no way they could "take a knee" they just laid down on the ground.  Poor kids!  They just laid there until the other kid was OK and a couple of their teammates came over to help them up. 

I'm not so sure about this "football" thing.  I've never seen so many injured kids, and I wonder if it's the right sport for my son. It's not because I'm an overly protective mother, it's just that I don't get the point.  I'm actually the kind of Mom who wants my son to grow up to be a "Man" not a "Male."  I like to see the toughness in him and am raising him to use the size and strength God gave him to take care of his family when the time comes.  At the same time, the "Macho" for "Macho's sake" I see in a lot of the football parents really turns me off.  My son doesn't have to prove he's a man, he just has to be one.  There may be a lot of "Males" playing football, but not all of them are "Men."

Oh well, I just hope he gets the "all clear" and has a chance to end the season on a high note.  His team is 7 -1, so they've got a good chance to go all the way.  It would be nice if he won a trophy for his first, (and possibly last), football season.   He has the usual collection of "participation" trophies, which even he knows are meaningless.  He does have one for a second place in his basketball league which he does value, so it would be nice to have another one that means something.  We'll hope for the best.

In the meantime,

Happy Stitching!


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