Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Rubber Gloves!

As I told you in previous posts I'm creating a sample for C&T Publishing using a product I've never used before.  It's called Acrylic Iridescent Medium and it's made by Liquitex. What it does is when you mix it with acrylic paint it gives your fabric a shimmer.

I've had some experience with painting, having studied art in college, so the mechanics of it were fine.  I did some test runs and found that if I didn't do at least a 50/50 split of the medium and the paint that I wasn't getting the iridescence I wanted.

Now, I'm one of these people who's incapable of subtlety.  I do use some quieter techniques and embellishments, but it's only because I want to emphasize something bolder.  I'm very much a "let's hit people in the head with it so they get the point . . . or at least if they don't we have the satisfaction of hitting them on the head for not getting it" kinda gal. 

The effect of this product is very subtle, so although I had some fun with it, I'm not sure if it's something I'd use very often.  I just can't get into the old "slash, burn, dye, paint, stamp, shred, essentially destroy" style of quilting.  I didn't need rubber gloves for this one, but it was more "work" to me and not as much fun as the old needle and thread. 

When I first received the product I was pretty intimidated and started thinking about all kinds of things I could do with it.  I even started a couple of projects before I realized that they weren't going to work.

So, I decided to go with my old tried and true and do a simple  12" square made up of 2" squares of an assortment of batiks.  The batiks held the paint well because they are so tightly wovern and I was even able to use metallic and other markers on them. I have to admit that at times it was kind of fun, but I just didn't get the same thrill up my leg as I get from more traditional quilting.

Of course, it isn't finished yet, I still have to do some quilting stitches and embellishments.  I'll take a photo tomorrow so you can see what I ended up doing.  At this point I'm kinda liking it, but it's not love.

Oh well, there's no harm in stepping out of your comfort zone now and then.  If I hadn't I probably would have given up quilting years ago from sheer boredom.

However, even if I end up liking this "new way" I'm still going to stick to my cardinal quilting rule. 

No Rubber Gloves, Ever!!!! 

Happy Stitching!  (with ungloved hands)


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