Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beaded Block Embellishment

Still working away on my "School Quilt."  I'm finished with all of the center blocks and am finishing up the borders so hopefully I'll have a full shot of the entire quilt soon.

In the meantime I'm focusing on each block and describing my embellishment techniques and why I used the ones I did. 

This block was one of the more difficult ones.  I didn't want to use a simple center motif because the block next to it has a simple button in the center.  So, I needed to find some way to tie the center into the interior border.  I got out a few of my handmade butterfly buttons and decided to use the monarch because I wanted to bring in some orange, (to help blend with fabrics around the block), and an aqua butterfly because I wanted to tie into the aqua in the border.

In this case I tied the blue butterfly to the orange one by a beaded and buttoned running stitch, starting off with blue beads and then interspersing them with white until I got to orange.  The aqua border is where I went really wild, beading every bit of the background with matching seed beads.  The white starred outer border is accented by white star buttons.


Here's the block in it's place on the quilt.  Notice the green buttons in the polka dotted fabric, and the touches of aqua embroidery in the butterfly wings in the border.  I love to do this to tie fabrics together, it's like having a whole other colorway!

Tomorrow, another block, and more techniques!

Happy Stitching!


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