Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Embellishment Ideas

As usual I have a few things I'm working on right now.  I finished pulling my embellishments for this quilt which I'm calling my "school" quilt for now.  I decided to use objects that were education related and inspiring.  Hence the embroidered labels . . . which are scrapbooking supplies!  I discovered that most of these are easy to use; the adhesive pulls right off the back and the edges are finished enough that you can stitch them on easily.  I'm sure they'd fuse beautifully too.

A quilt like this is a great place to use up any old buttons you might have around.  I collect them from everywhere and no opportunity to acquire more escapes me!  We usually donate gently used clothes to Goodwill but those that aren't are always clipped of all buttons before they go into the bin.  As you can see the buttons on the right side of the photo look like they came from a man's shirt....they probably did!
I love using embroidery floss and stiches to accentuate fabric patterns.  In this case I outlined the butterfly wings and then used a chain stitch to flow to the flower button and then continued with a cream colored quilting stitch across the printed fabric....ending with a dragonfly button.  I love finding a way to integrate different fabrics and in this case I needed to do something with the printed fabric.  The "LOVE" label changed things up a bit and the free flow of stitching kept it from being too boring.
In this case I outlined the "A++" with a delicate chain stitch, and used a quilting stitch around it.  The most fun is using an assortment of square buttons to accentuate the pattern in the fabric.  Note the quilting stitches between the squares.  As you can see I didn't start doing them until a few buttons in when I noticed the pattern.  What a gift!  Now I'm able to add some more stability and texture and still go with the flow of the fabric pattern.

I usually lay out these buttons in advance and sometimes I'll use my digital camera to remind me where they should go.  If I don't have a camera I have another technique to keep things in sequence.  I simple use a pin to pick up the buttons one by one with the last button I plan on stitching going on the pin first.  I usually work counter-clockwise, (no idea why, it's just how I do it!), and always start in the upper left hand corner or edge.  This way, even if I can't start stitching right away, I'll know where the embellishments go.  I just poke the pin into a pincushion or my little tool carrier.  See below:
I always love to follow the patterns of the fabric when I do my quilting and embellishment.  In this case, you can see I followed the rings, changing thread colors when appropriate.  I also moved down into another fabric to tie the two together.  Notice how I don't do all of the rings, just enough to keep things interesting.  I've done the "everything" before and although it looks good it's sometimes "too much."
I also love to use beads as a way to add interest and texture.  In this case I used coordinating blue beads to give the blue of the pattern a little kick.  In this case there's tons of red and I wanted to give the eye something else to look at.  The shimmer of the beads will lower the red "read" of the area.

Oh, and great news!  I did get my Tufted Tweets fat quarters.  They arrived only a couple of days after I ordered them and they came from the East Coast.  I'm impressed!  I bought them from Sew Fresh fabrics on Etsy and can't say enough about how easy the process was.  I also love the way the package arrived, check it out:
Now I have to find the time to do something with them!  Oh well, I've got to clean up my office first, (again!), I'm still living with Baseball stuff that needs to go.  The decks must be cleared!!!

Hope you've got lots of fun stuff to do and (if you have them), your kids aren't driving you too crazy.  Mine's 12 and always bored, no matter what.  I swear he could be bored in the middle of an amusement park!  It's been two weeks and I'm beginning to be able to tune out the whining, but I'm not sure if I'll get there before school starts up again in 5 weeks.  He has a short summer, (they get 2 weeks off in October and March), which would be good but it seems like he just gets in the swing of getting busy having fun and then it's time to go back to school....and a whole other set of whining begins.   I don't know what happened to him, he never used to whine, was always cheerful and helpful and so easy to have around...must be those hormones!  Yikes!

Happy Stitching!


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Ruth Anne Olson said...

I really like your different embellishments. I should start using some of the many, many, many buttons I have.