Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Inspiration: Tufted Tweets by Lauri Wisbrun

Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

It's already another month, and June no less!  Seems like I was just beginning to get over Christmas and schools nearly out already. 

I'm always a fan of bright fabrics, (duh!), and when I saw this latest line I thought...."I've got to get me some of those!"  My birthday's coming up so this is definitely on my wish list.  It's supposed to be available this month but it seems to me that it takes a while for the fabrics to show up in the stores or online.  Oh well, I think this is worth waiting for.

I have a terrible weakness for unusual fabrics like these.  It's so easy to work with calicoes, florals, and cute little novelties, but these prints are a challenge and I can't resist a challenge.

I discovered this line on the Robert Kaufman website where they also offer pattern downloads for their various fabric lines.  I have to admit I was very disappointed with the one for this line.  What do you think?


Now, don't get me wrong, I like abstract quilts but this really jars my sensitivities.  The patterns are very linear and yet the pieces are cut at angles.  It really drives me crazy visually. 

Because I do graphic design I'm always very aware of what attracts attention, both positively and negatively.  Our eyes are programmed to look at things in a certain way.  For instance, that's why most people look better in shirts with collars, they bring the eye to your face, (and your fabulous smile!).  Why do you think fashion designers spend so much time trying to find ways to make us look thinner?  We aren't actually thinner in well designed clothes, we just look that way.

The same goes for design.  Cutting linear patterns off their line sends your eyes in all kinds of funky directions.  The eye needs a place to rest.  It's one of the principles of graphic design, to make sure that the viewer's eye rests where you want it to.  We go through all kinds of machinations to make that happen.  So, for me this quilt is not the right design for the fabric.

I'm looking forward to getting my hand on this line because I have an idea of how I'd work with it.  As soon as I can get my hands on it I'll go through my design process with you.  These kinds of fabrics are so fun but very difficult to work with.  I think it would be fun to tackle challenging fabrics like these.

In the meantime my vaunted cherry quilt is nearly done.  I decided last night to add another element, so I hope to finish it this evening.

I really need to learn when to stop.  It's a problem I've had for many years.  When I was in high school my art teacher used to walk up behind me and snatch my drawings away before I went too far.  He put them in a drawer and then a week or so later would call me into his office to take a look at them.  He was trying to teach me when to stop, but I claimed the artist's right to take it as far as I wanted to.  At least he tried!

Happy Stitching!



Kathy said...

See I loved that quirkiness to the quilt design but I want to see more of the pattern so I probably would not make this quilt with this fabric. I think the fabric designer also designed the quilt using her fabric. Since its a version from her spoonflower design I have seen a few ideas with it. I am dying to get this fabric - but I figure it would be fun for 1) pillows on the sofa (I am sure I saw that somewhere!) and 2)some type of sofa quilt!

Genevieve said...

hmm, as a graphic designer myself, I love the wonkyness associated with the linear design of the fabric pattern. It makes me feel less structured. and I'm desperate to get my hands on the line and on the pattern for this as well.
to each their own I guess.

Susan Gannon O'Connell said...

Hi Ladies,
Thanks for your comments. It's definitely each her own as far as this kind of design goes. I'm one of those people who likes to create chaos in the midst of order so I prefer to have linear patterns linear....and then I'll throw in a surprise visual just to keep it interesting. It'll be fun to see what we come up with when we can finally get this fabric line in our hands!