Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Search of Tweets

I don't know about you but sometimes I get obsessed with getting my hands on a particular fabric or fabric line.  A few days ago I posted about the new Tufted Tweets line by Laurie Wisbrun for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  As soon as I saw this fabric I knew I had to have it so I set about tracking it down.

It was supposed to be released in June, which usually means the first part of the month but not always.  So, I looked for sites that were offering to send me an email when it arrived.  Hawthorne Threads offered the service so I signed up.

Well, yesterday afternoon I got the email.  Yippee!  So, I sped on over to Hawthorne Threads only to discover that they had already sold out of the fat quarter packs.  Now normally I don't order fat quarters, I prefer to buy 1/2 yards, but since I didn't think I'd need a lot of any of these and since I desperately wanted all of them, I decided that a fat quarter pack would be the way to go. 

I frantically checked on line only to discover them at a site on Etsy, sold in the three colorways for $10.00 a pack.  I thought the price was right and I was getting antsy because they only showed 3 in stock of each.  So, I quickly placed my order.  I haven't heard yet if I'm getting them but I haven't heard I'm not so I'm assuming I'll be tweeting up a storm soon.

It used to be that if you wanted a particular fabric you could find it fairly easily, at least online.  I've found that not to be true anymore.  There are lines I've been waiting for that I never see anywhere, then I find out that they're already sold out.  I wonder if all of these even make it to the online stores. 

I know that the fabric companies are producing in smaller quantities than they used to.  It's great for us fabric collectors because there's a lot more variety.  However, it means if you see something you like you better be prepared to track it down like Sherlock Holmes.

I used to encounter this with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics but I've noticed they're a lot easier to find now.  As a matter of fact, I was shocked to discover that has some of his lines on sale for $3.95 a yard, (act fast!).  I've also been in search of the Rio Grande fabrics by Terri Mangat and have only been able to find a few patterns but not in all colorways.  Come to think of it the last couple of month's "Inspiration" fabric lines have been difficult to find.  Either I have excellent taste or a knack for fabric frustration!

I'm beginning to think that my fabric obsession has taken over my quilting one.  It wouldn't be so bad if I made enough quilts, but my progress lately has been slow and the stacks of fabric are growing.  I know I'm due for a marathon of quilting mania soon, at least I hope so.  My perfectly clean studio is starting to get stacks around the edges.  I've been able to get away with it for a while because I've been working on my son's baseball team posters and DVDs.  The party's on Saturday so I won't have any excuses next week.  Hopefully I can clear it all out before the "tweets" arrive in the mail!

I wish I had a great quilt store nearby.  My local store is OK, but they never have the stuff I'm really looking for.  This weekend I was in Livermore at In Between Stitches.  It's a lovely store with a nice selection, but again, nothing I was looking for.  My husband was shocked when I walked out empty handed as I'd been looking forward to doing some in-store shopping.  Do any of you have any luck finding hard-to-find fabrics in the local shops?  All I ever see are the same lines; tons of Modas, some Amy Butlers, and if I'm lucky a smattering of some of the better Robert Kaufman lines.  I have my best luck finding Alexander Henry stuff at Joann's! 

Oh well, maybe it's just as well!  If I could get everything locally I'd have even more fabric I haven't done anything with and less time to do it with....I'd spend all my time at the quilt shop!

Happy Stitching and Hunting!


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