Monday, April 12, 2010

The Two Faces of Mojo Mary: Part Deaux

Here's the other side of Mojo Mary.  I wanted to make a dramatic difference between the two sides and yet have the basics be the same.  When I think about my dueling passions I recognize that although one deals with fabric and the other paper and the internet, they are bound together by the same creative energy.

This side represents my graphic design/copywriting/blogging/web design side.  The reason she has a split face is that this side of me requires a different outlook.  One eye is closed and peaceful because I enjoy what I do so much, but the other eye is open because I need to keep an eye on the business aspects.  It is a difficult juggling act; to be true to myself and my artistic vision, and respect my client's needs and desires.  That's why this side of me is not as cohesive as the other.
The background fabric for this doll is from the "Authentic" line by Moda.  I wanted to use a fabric with writing to represent that side of what I do.  I also liked the "Authentic" part of it.  It's important to me that whatever I do be authentic and not a copy of someone else's work.  That's especially important when you do what I do because of copyright restrictions.

One side of the vest has the wonderful "@" sign which screams internet to me.  I also included buttons of different types of font styles, a major part of the graphic designer's world.  The other side of the vest has a button I made representing this blog, The Cranky Quilter.

This head has the same kind of hair as the other but the colors are simpler and paired with black and white.  The strands end in fun graphic style images including a cute little bumble bee, a smiley face, a heart, and a simple flower.  I also included the word "YES" as that's what I always say to my clients, (even when I don't feel like it!).

The skirt is made up of different "word" and "letter" fabrics.  I trimmed it with solid beads and buttons with words on them.  Hanging from the skirt are various charms, including a "Hello Kitty" head, an example of a well known graphic image.

Her boots are white with the words "GRAPHIC" on one and "DESIGN" on the other.

So, here you have the two faces of Mojo Mary and the two faces of me!  I'm going to put her on my desk and switch her over depending on what kind of project I'm working on .  Maybe she'll help me focus!

Remember, I'd love to see any Mojo dolls any of you are working on.  Send the images to me at and I'll publish them here.

Happy Stitching!


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