Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My "Batting" Slump

I guess if there was ever a time of year when baseball metaphors were appropriate, it would be now.  The season has just started and those of us who enjoy the sport are looking forward to a great one.

My son's little league team is an interesting metaphor for the quilting world.  He's 12 and at that age the kids come in all shapes and sizes.  It's fun watching them standing next to each other, you'll have kids that look like men, (I'd swear some of these guys are shaving!), next to boys that come up to their waists. Skill levels are different as well.  There are those kids who have natural talent and you can see them playing on their high school teams, and then there are those that are just out there having a good time.  And of course you always have one or two kids that are struggling and getting discouraged.

Last night we had a terrible first inning!  We were up first and our first two boys got great hits . . . that went right to the fielders.  Then when we took the mound our pitcher got a little rattled and for the first time this season walked in runs.  It wasn't looking good.

Then one of our struggling boys caught a huge fly ball in left field!  It finished off the inning and we had our chance up.  We were down two runs and the same boy got a great base hit and an RBI.  From then on we had the momentum and ended up with a 12-9 victory.

While watching all of this and doing my share of cheering, (and whining...the ump's strike zone was all over the place!), it occurred to me that we in the quilting world aren't unlike a little league team.

We're all part of the quilting team and all important in our own way.  The bigger kids are those of us that have been around for a while, the smaller ones, those coming up.  Skill levels are also all over the place.  There are those "Best of Show" winners and the ones we see in the national magazines, and then there are those who aren't quite there yet but show promise, and those that are just out there having fun. 

Then there are the struggling ones.  I put myself in that category.  I have the ability to hit it out of the park but it takes more than that.  There has to be a committment to it, a willingness to put myself out there and swing that bat even though I may strike out.  I have to practice, to take the time to learn to do what I need to, and take the time to help out the other members of my team to learn what they need to.  I have to have the confidence that I can do it, and the faith and tenacity to do it. 

Lately I've been in a bit of a "batting" slump.  I have ideas that I can't seem to fully realize, projects that I can't get excited about, and guilt about not doing what I know I need to be doing.  Watching the boys last night come out of their slump and win the game made me realize that there's an end to this slump for me too, but it isn't going to come from sitting on the bench.

So, I'm going to finish off a couple of "work" jobs and then spend the afternoon sewing.  It's about time to "Play Ball!"

Happy Stitching!


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