Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Love a Bargain!

As I've written in previous posts I've had some good luck at Joann's lately.  Today I hit the jackpot!

I try to head over at least once a month so I can use my 40% off coupons and have them scan my flier so I keep getting them.  We don't have one in our town so I have to go about 10 miles away.  Since my husband and son are off fishing today I decided to take a quick run over and see what I could find.

I always hit the sales racks first.  In this store there are several areas so I wander over and do my typical scrounging around.  In one of the bins I caught sight of the Omnigrid brand.  Now, I'm always telling people to memorize those brand names and know your fabric patterns because you never know where a bargain may be lurking.  In this case I was glad I spotted that Omnigrid logo.

I pulled this out of a stack of odds and ends and nearly fell over when I saw that the price was only $4.97.  I had to double check, thinking that it must be $14.97, but no, it was only $4.97.  Now, those of you who've purchased arcylic templates know how expensive they are.  I have a couple of sets of squares and triangles and they were about $20 for each set of only a few templates.  This set has 15, including all different kinds of shapes I don't have.  And they're especially made for rotary cutting.  I can't believe my luck!

Of course I scrounged around for more but this was the only set they had. I would have liked to have two, one to leave at home and one to put in my travel kit, but I can't complain.

As I always do as soon as I got home I went online to check for an original price and the first place I looked had the same set for $31.99, so I saved 64%.  Yippee!!  The best part is that it's something that I will actually use.

I'm not sure if this was a nationwide markdown or if I just got lucky but if you have a Joann's nearby you might want to check it out.  You never know!

Happy Stitching!


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ChrissyMcGee said...

You got a better deal than me! I thought I hit the jackpot when I found that template set at Joann's for $8.97. I did the happy dance, then, but now I'm pouting. Maybe if I had just held off a couple of days it would have been cheaper - but then again it might not have been there at all. Congratulations!