Sunday, March 14, 2010



I'm finally finished with my studio redecorating project.  The space was way too cluttered and dark, which was a shame because one of the reasons we bought this house was its bright, airy loft space.

I was also made aware that I'd taken over the entire space when it was supposed to be shared.  So, I decided that since things were slow business wise that this was the right time to make a dramatic change for the better.

The first thing I did was get rid of my yucky desk.  Instead I used four $15 white bookcases from Walmart and four white cubes that had ended up in our garage.  The desktop was one my husband had rescued from a remodel at his office.  I made the desktop over the cubes from layers of foamcore covered with white contact paper.  It's amazingly sturdy!

The next thing I did was move my fabric bookcase over to the other side of the stairwell.  It fits in perfectly in a little alcove and doesn't disturb the exercise equipment.  It's also in a great place because there's no direct sunlight in that area of the house so I don't have to worry about fading.  It was amazing what a difference moving it made to the "lightness" of the studio space.  It's a lot brighter in here now.

The best thing about the remodel is that now there's room for a desk for the men in my life.  This desk used to be in my son's room where it was nothing more but a place to dump stuff.  Now it's doing double duty, as a fly tying desk for my husband, and a homework desk for my son.  The fly tying materials are being stored in the cubbies that used to be behind my old desk.  I was also able to tie in my husband and son's love of music with a Beatles canvas painting and a framed selection of my husband's old concert tickets.  Since my husband has all kinds of space to store his gear, the desk will be clear for my son to use after school.  I put together a homework cart so he can just roll it over and get to work.

My favorite part of my new space is all of the storage I have around my desk.  The bookcases are full of an assortment of bins and boxes, and there are two more under my desk for my office supplies.  The cubbies on the side go all the way through so I have storage for those rolls of paper I'm always fighting with, not to mention the handy space behind the printer which is perfect for storing all of my shipping supplies.  I can even tuck my handy folding table to the side so I can set it up when I need it.

One of the best things about this project is that it was almost entirely done with things we had on hand.  I've always been adept at the old school version of recycling, frankly, try to find a use for what you have before buying something new.  So, the space is filled with recycling projects.  The foamcore table top was made from leftover pieces, the monitor shelf from scraps of wood, and my favorite, the bulletin board, all from found items.
I made this bulletin board from a framed picture my mom had given me a while ago.  She'd redecorated and thought I might want to use the frame.  Unfortunately, it's a big frame and I don't have many large expanses of space where it would fit.  I was thrilled that when I measured this wall by my desk that it gave me enough space with a few inches to spare.  I used the glass, covered it with fleece, then a piece of fabric I had on hand.  Then I dug through my ribbon and found this bright green that was leftover from one of my client's projects a few years ago.  It went together easily and now I have a great place to display things that inspire me.

My son will be off school for the next two weeks for spring break so we'll have an opportunity to hang out in my new space.  I look forward to getting back to quilting, and enjoying my new studio!

Happy Stitching!



Bev said...

Awesome! I have not only my personal stash in my studio but I have an on-line fabric shop so I have that fabric stored here too! Great job--very pretty--and inspiring.
Cheery wave from

Chris said...

Fantastic! I'm in the process of converting a bedroom into my very own work space. You've given me some great ideas! :)

Michele said...

It looks so wonderful! I know I would have a fun time creating in there! Enjoy!