Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project Overload

There's a reason why I haven't blogged in a week, it's the stack of unfinished projects in my studio!

I have a terrible habit of getting all excited about something, getting started, and then getting sidetracked with something else.  I can't help starting new projects while I still have unfinished ones, it's a serious problem.

Above is a stack of more recent projects.  The three bottom ones are well on their way but the other two are just basted, I haven't even started working on them!

And that isn't all, here's another group!  The patriotic one is close to finished, the heart one needs to be quilted, and I've only basted the square/circle one. 

It doesn't end there!  Here's another group that's partially finished.  So embarrassing!

The last week I've been going through everything and figuring out what I can finish first.  I'm going to move a few of these to the top of my to-do list and stop designing for a little while.  It's not going to be easy when that inspiration strikes but I really need to attack this before my WIPs take over my life.

I read a really interesting book last year, I think it was called "The Knitter."  Anyway, it was about this woman who was an amazingly talented and creative knitter who when she made a mistake, or realized that a project wasn't working out, would put the project in a large carpetbag.  The odd thing was that she carried that carpetbag with her everywhere, she was literally weighed down by her mistakes. 

I think that we all carry these projects with us, even though we don't literally do it, (I'd need a very large bag to hold all my WIPs!).  It's important to finish what you can, but also, sometimes, to just accept that you've moved on and you have no interest in finishing it.  It's tough because you think about the time and money you spent, not to mention the excitement you once had for the project.  But, the fact is that there comes a time when you have to accept that you aren't ever going to finish that dusty pink quilt from 1985, and that that Civil War quilt you started is no longer anything you're interested in.

I'm going to sign off now and get started on finishing up something.  I hope!

Happy Stitching,


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quilting gran said...

I love it!!! I was fairly sure I wasn't the only one to do that, but you confirmed it! Thanks