Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love The Dollar Store!

I admit it, I'm a dollar store junkie!  I'm always amazed at how much junky stuff they have and also how many real bargains.  It's a fun way to spend a little time and a little money.

Today I had to go over to our local dollar store because my son needed index cards for school.  For some reason they're on a "flashcard" kick and he's going through them like they're going out of style.  We happened to be at a large pharmacy chain yesterday and I was shocked to see them at $3.29 a package.  Unbelieveable!  No way was I going to pay that so we scrounged enough for today and I went over to the dollar store hoping to save some cash.

I love my local store because it's nearby and it opens at 8am.  Since I drop off my son around 8 it's convenient to swing by the store on my way home.

Today I got the cards, (200 in a pack!), along with a few other things.  I had to buy some snacks for the Super Bowl, (my son's a Colts fan), and some boring stuff for the house, yawn.... Then it was time for fun, I walked the aisles looking for useful and fun things that I didn't mind spending a buck on.

One of my favorite finds are the little carrot containers at the top of the page.  They're about 4" tall and there were three in a package.  They're well made for the price, heavy plastic with secure fitting lids.  I've already filled one with thread scraps to keep in my sewing kit.  My dog discovered the loose threads and it wasn't a good scene, so now he'll have more trouble getting to them!

I also picked up this red index card case.  I put it in my project binder and it will be a great place to store small templates, receipts,  and scraps, and I can use the cards to make notes or bring samples with me.  I think I'll find it very handy.

So, I got out of the store for about $10, or less than what I would have paid for the index cards if I'd bought them at that "other" store, (I needed 4 packs).  I'm feeling pretty thrifty!

Now, I really need to get some sewing done.  I had planned to work on some projects yesterday but had one of "those" days where I lost my phone and internet service, our TV bulb blew, and I had to take my son to pick up his new glasses, then there was basketball practice . . .always something!

Hope your days are less hectic and more fun!

Happy Stitching!


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