Friday, January 15, 2010

Things to Be Grateful For

It's so easy during these difficult times to forget about all of the blessings you have.  Watching the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti made me realize that I take a lot of stuff for granted every day. 

I live in earthquake country in California and have experienced my share.  When I was a kid we had a very nonchalant attitude about it.  I remember sitting at the table eating soup with my family when the soup started sloshing in the bowls and the chandelier started swinging.  We just continued on with our conversation!  I've gotten used to the small shake here and there.  Our last home was on a canyon on the Hayward Fault and we could actually hear the earthquakes coming towards us.  I felt one a few months ago while sitting on my couch, I actually turned my head thinking someone was behind me but it was the earth moving towards me.  That one was really weird because I sensed it before I felt it and was actually able to tell where it was coming from, (that's not always obvious!).

Anyway, here in California we are as prepared as anyone can be for an earthquake.  A lot of our buildings have been retrofitted, and we know what to do when one hits. But those poor people in Haiti were not living in retrofitted specially designed structures, they didn't do drills or have people trained to help, they didn't have extra supplies in their garages, or a jacket and a pair of comfy shoes in their car, (in case you get stuck and have to walk).  Heck, their lives were pretty miserable to begin with!

It got me to thinking about how many things there are in my life that I'm grateful for.  Of course, there's my family, that goes without saying, but there are simpler things I take for granted all of the time.  Here's a short list:

1.  Color!  I can't imagine a life without it.  It endlessly fascinates me and makes me happy, life would be very dull without it.

2.  New Fabric!  Nothing more exciting then new fabric to play with.

3.  My Sewing Machine!  I love my little Janome, I know it's not a fancy machine but it sews like a dream and for the amount of machine work I do it's perfect!

4. My Clean Studio!  Yeah!  I actually took some time over the last few days to clear out all of the Christmas chaos and get things back into working order.

5.  My New Sewing Machine Storage Area!  I made this cover for my sewing machine, (note the little pocket on the side for the thread holder), and love the little organizing cabinet below.  It's perfect for all of my sewing machine supplies and it's bright and cheerful.

6. My Cozy Family Room Fireplace!  I wish this one was mine, (it "looks" cozier), but I love cuddling up in front of my fireplace with my dog and some sewing.

7. Pizza!  I love it the most because I don't have to cook it and the clean up is easy.  Yeah for Friday night pizza night!

8. TV!  I'm not a huge TV watcher because I don't have the time, (and my husband and son are always watching sports).  But when I do watch I love "The Office."  My husband and I have recently been watching "ROME" via Netflix.  It's totally addictive and very adult, but the characters and the acting are fantastic.  And then there's my favorite newsy show, "RedEye" which is on at midnight out here, (I DVR it!).  It's hysterical and makes me laugh out loud . . . and nowadays, sometimes I really need to!

This is just a short list and probably seems petty in comparison to what others are going through.  However, I think it doesn't do any of us any harm to enjoy our simple pleasures, life's too short not to!

Happy Stitching!


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