Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Loving Those New Fabric Lines!

I love the first part of the year because that's when a lot of new fabric lines come out.  Although I have more fabric than I will ever be able to do anything with, (another member of that large club!), there are a few lines I"m looking forward to seeing in the quilt stores.

Don't you just love "Confections"? (see above)  Those funky looking cupcakes are just too cute and I think they would be really great appliqued onto other funky fabrics.  I'm not sure what size they are yet but I'm sure I'll be able to find something to do with them.

By the way, the size of prints is a big issue for those of us who order fabric online.  Sometimes the shops put a ruler underneath so you can get an idea, but there are some that don't.  I nearly made a big boo-boo when I wanted to order the Brandon Mably floral prints from last season.  I thought they were a really great design, but for some reason held off buying them.  I'm glad I did because I just saw them used in a quilt in a magazine and the blooms were about 10 inches wide.  I had no idea from the picture!  It was a big lesson for me but fortunately not an expensive one.  Now if I'm unsure of the scale of a pattern I search online for it until I find a shop that shows the actual size.


Above is another really cute line,  "All My Heart,"(I"m liking those Robert Kaufman fabrics this year!).   I love the bright colors and the fun heart shapes.  Once again I'm not sure of scale but this is one line I'm going to be looking for.  Especially the middle pattern, I love it!


More Robert Kaufman cuties!  Isn't this line fun?  In case you haven't noticed I have a real weakness for bright prints.  I love these because of the little bits of outlining, and the white on turquoise accents on the top left fabric.  I love that delicate, yet modern look.  It's so fresh and fun.

It looks like I'm going to have to start saving up the pennies so I can add these to my collection!

Are there any fabric lines out there that you're loving this year?  I'd love to hear about it!  I think I'm pretty on top of it but then I realize too late that I missed out on something good.  Not an option!

I've been making some progress on the Creative Journey quilt so I hope to post some pictures of it tomorrow.  In the meantime . . .

Happy Stitching!


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