Thursday, January 14, 2010

Loving that Digital Camera

Aren't digital cameras great?  I remember the days of loading and unloading film and then taking it to the drug store to have it processed.  It seemed to take forever and was so expensive!  Not to mention that I've never been a great photographer so half my photos were was such a waste.

Now I keep my camera by my desk and use it all the time for all kinds of things.  At Christmas I take shots of all the decorations and where I put them so next year I can re-create the things I liked.  I use it for clients to take photos of projects in progress.  And, lately I've discovered my favorite new purpose, documenting my fabric layouts.

I've shown this in a previous post and found it to be the handiest thing ever.  I have the directional pins and know how to line up my piecing, but I rarely get to do projects from beginning to end without interruption. This way I can save my fabric layouts and not have to worry about pinning everything and taking the chance that I'll still remember where it all goes.

Now I can spend an afternoon laying out and cutting a bunch of things, take photos of the layouts and then just stack the pieces in a box to be sewn later.  I've started printing these out in sheets and putting them in a binder for easy access.  Now I can even prop up the binder by my machine and work away, confident that I'll know where everything goes.
This is a representation of one of the sheets in my book. These are for a serious of handbags I'm working on.  It'll take me a while to get them all pieced, but now I feel confident about not making a mistake when I do piece them. 

These pages can also be handy for quilt squares, if you photograph your layout you won't have to worry about placing something in the wrong spot.  And, when it's on your photo editing software, you can get a different perspective on how it looks.  I've noticed that pieces that are way out of whack sometimes show up better in the digital image.

I really love working this way.  I tend to get a bit turned around sometimes and it really helps to see my original work right in front of me, no more misplaced pieces!

I hope to get some piecing done tomorrow, after I clear the decks from all the cutting and pressing and laying out I did today.

Happy Stitching!


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