Monday, January 4, 2010

The House To Myself

Well, the holidays are finally over.  It was a fun-filled and work-filled couple of weeks and although I had a wonderful time, I'm ready to move forward into 2010.

So, now I'm sitting in my empty house.  My husband's back at work and my son back at school and I'm trying to dig out from under all of the things I've neglected for the last two weeks.  I'm also working on no sleep, due to being completely out of my routine.  A few late nights and sleep-ins have got me all out of whack, and getting up at 6:30 to take my son to band class was brutal.  I intended to get back into bed when I got back but never made it.  A cup of coffee and a messy office propelled me to work instead of sleep and I'm beginning to regret it!

While digging out I encountered some fabrics I'd pulled for projects before the holiday onslaught.  I thought I could get a few things started over the break but no way Jose!  It just never happened and now I've forgotten what I'd intended to do.  I really need to keep some kind of diary!  I used to be able to remember everything but not anymore, this old brain is on overload.

Anyway, whilst reviewing what I'd pulled I started thinking about the kinds of fabrics I've been acquiring lately.  I work almost entirely with prints so things can get a bit busy.  What I'm always looking for are "blenders" that aren't boring, but still give your eye a quiet place to rest, while making the more boisterous fabrics stand out.  

Above is a selection from "Mingle" by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  Monaluna designs a lot of quieter prints that are hip and modern while still fitting in with florals solids, and wild patterns.  I've already got several colorways of the dots and circles, and am planning on buying some of the other patterns.  The stripe would be great for framing blocks, and the really retro looking rectangle print would read as a solid in a busier quilt.

I also love these floral prints.  They're very fresh and fun and could go either "Hippie" or "Asian."  They're flannels but I like using high quality flannels in my patchwork.  They give a certain depth and texture that can be strangely soothing and yet add interest.  I'll have to pick up some of these as well.

I think I'm going to turn in for a little nap before I pick up my son from school and then it's back to putting things away and getting inspired to start sewing again.  I'm looking forward to having the peace and the time to get a few things done.

I hope you'll get to do the same!

Happy Stitching!


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Colleen said...

I certainly can identify with the "quiet house" syndrome. We had family here for 2 weeks, I am recovering from surgery and pneumonia so every one helped with meals etc. We had a wonderful time especially when all our grandchildren (4) spent the night at the same time, ages 16 down to 19 months, what a slumber party that was!!!
Now that the decorations are all down and the house is put back together I feel a great sense of satisfaction. This week I can tell I am beginning to really feel better. Several quilting projects are calling to me and I am excited to get started for 2010.
I love blogging and really enjoy seeing your projects and posts.