Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello Kitty!

I just discovered this little quilt that I'd forgotten about.  I love the kittens peeking their faces out of the squares and the way the two teal fabrics flow together, with just the shot of color in the triangles. 

It's interesting when I look at this because it marks the beginning of when I wanted to incorporate beads and charms into my "regular" quilts.  I'd been using them in my applique pieces but here I wanted to use them as accents to the quilting stitches.

There was this really great little shop in Oakland called Orb Weaver and they had tons of beads and charms and all kinds of neat things.  I loved that shop and was heartbroken when it closed down.  It was great because I had so little money at the time and I could go in and spend $3 and come home with a bag full of goodies.  I'm still kicking myself that I missed out on the "Going Out Of Business" sale.  Sigh  . . .

I'm glad I found this little quilt, I think it's a gem-in-waiting.  It'll be fun seeing what I can do with it and since it's small it won't take up too much time.  Besides I need a stitching project to give me a break from the "Creative Journey" quilt.  It's coming along well but I think I need to set it aside for a few days so I can get a fresh take on it.  I need to take it to the next step and I'm not feeling right about what to do next.  So, a little breather's in order.  It's time for kittys!

I don't know what the dog will say . . .

Happy Stitching!


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