Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Over the weekend I found myself looking through stacks of old photographs.  I'm not the overly sentimental type and looking at old photos is not something I do often.  Frankly, unless I'm in the right state of mind it tends to depress me a bit, usually because I can't remember the events in the pictures! 

I suppose that's the point behind photos, and this weekend it worked out well as I was able to find enough pictures to put together a DVD for our friends' 20th Wedding Anniversary party.

Along with photos of our friends I also found photos of quilts I made years ago.  It actually brought back some good memories and got me thinking about how far I've come over the years, and yet how true I've been to my initial vision.

The quilt at the top is one I made for my husband when we were first together.  It dates from around 1995 and is geared towards his interests.  Of course, you can guess he's a fisherman!  The lake is Whiskeytown Lake in Northern California, and the cow is there because when he was a kid in Ireland he once ran into one on his bike.  This hung in his office at several jobs and is now hanging in his music area at the top of the stairs.

The quilt above won First Place in Mixed Media at the Embellishment Show in Portland in 2000. It's framed and hanging in my upstair's hallway, under glass and away from the sun.  This is a picture my husband took for me to send to the show to see if the piece would be juried in.

This piece won Best of Show at the Embellishment Show in 1999.  I took this picture at the show.  You can imagine how exciting it was to see that blue ribbon on it!  It was the first show I'd entered in over 20 years so all those years of working away paid off.   I wish I still had it but it was sold at the Cotton Patch Outdoor Quilt Show in Lafayette in 2001.  I put what I thought was a huge price on it thinking no one would buy it, but of course somebody did!  It was sold and disappeared and all before I got any decent pictures of it.  The only good ones I have are slides so eventually I'm going to have to get a photograph off them.

Above is one of my pieces from within the last few years.  I think I've improved skill wise but the main differences to me are my fabric choices.  I'm really getting into the more modern and/or retro looking fabrics.  It'll be interesting to see how my work changes over the next 10 years!

I think it's a good exercise to look back and see how far you've come and how your work has changed.  It's bound to help your confidence to see where you've come from and where you are now.

Happy Stitching!


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