Friday, January 8, 2010

Creative Journey Resumed

When I said in an earlier post that I didn't get anything done over the holidays I lied!  I was actually able to squeeze in a little handwork on the "Creative Journey" quilt.

I finished the beading on the large flower and added some leaves.  The one above is a batik with a design that worked perfectly for a leaf.  It's also a different green so it added some dimension.  Notice the backstitched squiggle between the flower and the winding stem.  I was noticing some minor puckering that was making the flower recede slightly so I did a little decorative quilting to tamp it down a bit and help the flower pop.

I did some more embellishment on the leaves and added some blanket stitiching to help tie the interior applique to the exterior butterflies.  I'm also running a variegated thread quilting stitch down the middle of each stem.

A smaller flower has been appliqued and accented with printed leaves and an appliqued leaf shape.  I need to do some embellishment in the middle of the flower and define the petals better.

This is a new "flower" that is in the process of being appliqued below and to the right of the large pink flower.  I intend to have some leaves and smaller flowers radiating out from it.  The circle background, (love those blue leaves!), is fussy cut from an old print in my stash.  The flower is a Tonga Batik from a couple of years ago.  I love using batiks in applique because they have such a high thread count and take a finger press really well.

I'll keep updating you on the progress of this "journey."

Happy Stitching!


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