Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Blast From The Past

I just uncovered another stash of old quilts that I did during the late 80s.  This piece was supposed to be one section of a dollhouse quilt that I realized I would never finish.  So, I just finished this one off and moved on.

I remember that I really enjoyed working on this.  At the time it was difficult to get a lot of the fabrics and embellishments.  It was around this time that I discovered Hoffman California fabrics.  I was living in San Francisco and there was a great funky fabric store on Haight Street, ( I actually lived on Ashbury, directly across from the famous Grateful Dead house).  It was called Far Out Fabrics, (big surprise there!).   Anyway, they had a ton of Hoffmans, along with really great ribbon and trims.  I remember buying the marble looking fabric because I was excited to find something that would be perfect for my quilt!

The chair is upholstered in a piece of wide ribbon, the rug was hooked embroidery, and the flowers on the mantelpiece were made of ribbon.  The firescreen is a piece of cross stitch on black canvas.

The scene in the window is painted canvas, covered with white organdy so it looks like glass.  I was trying to paint a scene similar to San Francisco Bay.  The basket of violets was done in basket embroidery and the framed picture was painted by me and surrounded by couched metallic cord.  I think my favorite thing is the white tablecloth.  I still can't figure out how I got it to come out so well!

The baby is playing with a cat and a ball of string that's getting tangled around the chair leg.  I'm not as thrilled with the baby and the cat, but they make it more interesting.

I've got a few more old quilts I'll be sharing soon.  In the meantime, here's the latest on the Creative Journey quilt.  I'm about half way through and am now going to start moving towards the center.  I'm not sure how it will turn out but I'm having fun with it.  I'll keep you posted.

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