Saturday, December 26, 2009

A New Look for the New Year

Well, Christmas is over!  I love the whole build-up but the day after is always a bit of a bummer.  Since I usually host dinner at my house I spend a lot of time getting ready and my head is constantly filled with what I still have to do.  Now that it's over I'm still dealing with those flashes of  "what do I have to do now?" before realizing that I don't really have to do anything now that I've got everything back in order.  Of course there's still taking down the tree and all of the decorations . . . hey, I've got to be cranky for a reason!

As you've probably noticed I've redone the header of my website.  I wanted to make it simpler and more modern, really more "me" or the way I wish I could be.  I love a clean look, but I can't resist pattern either.  Hence the simple text with the patterned background.

I've also decided that since fabric inspires me so much that each month I'd feature another designer or fabric line in my header.  For January I've opted for my all time favorite, Kaffe Fasset!  He really inspires me with his color choices and with his deceptively complicated yet simple designs.  The fact is that his fabrics are classics and he's the one designer whose fabrics I collect religiously.  A shot of one of his designs in any quilt makes it better!

Speaking of fabric.  I'm a real bargain shopper so I'm always looking for ways to get high quality fabrics at cheaper prices.  Since I collect for my stash I can take advantage of any opportunites as they arrive, which is why I haunt my favorite websites and check out the clearance bins weekly.

A few weeks ago I was in Joann's Fabric and Crafts and actually found some fabrics I liked!  Now I know that there are two minds about Joann's.  Some people love the low prices and the designs and don't care that most of them are printed on crappy greige goods, (those are unbleached, unprinted fabrics).  Others are snobby about the quality and wouldn't be caught dead buying any quilting fabric from the place, even if they liked the designs.

Now I guess I'm of a third mind because even though I often don't find anything I like I still hold out hope that they'll have something I can blow my 40% off coupon on.  

Well, now they do!  I purchased a few pieces from their Stonehill Collection and was pleasantly surprised with the print and fabric quality.  I would definitely use these fabrics in quilts with other higher quality cottons.  The prints are trendy, colorful, and fun, and also blend in well with other fabrics in my stash.  The $8.99 per yard price tag's higher than the other quilting fabrics there, but well within the range we're all used to paying.  And, of course there's always those 40% of coupons!  At that price the Stonehill Collection fabrics are definitely worth collecting!
They also have another high quality line called Legacy Studio.  These are mostly ethnic inspired designs, (think Asian!), and some even have metallic touches.  They come in at the same price point as the Stonehill Fabrics and also have a batik selection at a slightly higher price. 

Also, make sure to check out their Keepsake prints, If you check the selvedges you may see some Robert Kaufman and Alexander Henry prints.  They're usually past season prints but who cares?  The designs are great and the quality is high.

As far as the other designer fabrics at Joann's I'd still take a pass.  The M'Liss and Heidi Grace lines have some cute designs but the fabric and print quality are poor.  Most of their other quilt fabrics are also poor quality and don't waste your money on their fat quarters.  However, do check out the bundles as I've found some real gems there, (a selection of five Michael Miller Mirror Dot metallic prints!).

Well, that's it for now.  Along with the fact that my family's wondering what happened to me, my fingers are actually getting numb, (which explains any typos),  so it's time to call it a night.

Happy Stitching!


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Nann said...

Don't forget to check the Red Tag (clearance) section at Joann's, especially when the RT's are 50% off. There can be some good quality fabrics at bargain prices. This weekend they're having 10%-off-entire-purchase sale -- but I got coupon in the mail for 20%. Hmmm, if I go on Dec. 31 it will count in my 2009 statistics so I can begin 2010 with a clean slate.