Monday, December 28, 2009

My Shopping Trip to Joann's

Look what I got today at Joann's!

In my previous post I was writing about how I think there are finally some decent fabrics at Joann's stores.  Today we were near our closest store, (about 10 miles away), and since my husband and son wanted to go to the sporting goods store they dropped me off at Joann's.

Now, as I've said before, I don't usually have a whole lot of luck there.  I checked out the Stonehill Collection fabrics and they were really picked over, there wasn't anything I was interested in.  Then I did a quick perusal of their novelty fabrics, (they had some of those cute Robert Kaufmann cupcake fabrics -  I was tempted but the cutting line was too long).  I also checked out the fabric clearance section. 

I hate the way my store stocks the clearance fabrics.  They roll them on the bolt inside out, (now how does that help?), so most of the time I can't tell what the fabrics are and I get frustrated and walk away.  Today I found a couple of Legacy Studio prints but at $4.00 a yard they weren't a good enough deal to wait in a long line for.

I was thrilled with what I found in the quilting bundle area.  They had some decent fat quarters, (the rolled ones are usually better than the flat ones . . . at least that's my opinion!), and the bundles were great.  They actually had a full bundle of Kaffe Fasset prints which I would have snapped up in a minute if I didn't already own them.  I recognized several high quality fabric lines in the bundles and they looked like they were first quality fabrics, not reprinted on cheaper goods.  I was able to pick up the black and white Califon prints by Mark Lipinski that I'd been eyeing for a while but hadn't picked up when they were at the quilt stores.  I guess the bundles at Joann's are where old fabric lines go to finally get purchased!

My biggest bargain were two quilt kits.  Now, I don't usually do kits but when I saw these I grabbed them before anyone else noticed.  They're originally $29.99 and have 7 half yards in each kit.  So, essentially they have 3.5 yards of fabric in each kit.  They were marked down to $14.95, but then there was an additional 50% off clearance so I got them for only $7.48 each, a little over $2.00 a yard.  Whoopie!

Oh, and check out the buttons the next time you're there.  I bought some really cool painted wood buttons, but they have a whole line of plastic painted see-thru buttons that are really nice, and at a nice price too!

Of course Joann's is a long way from being a quilter's paradise.  The clerks are nice but most don't know anything about fabric and forget about getting any personal attention.   However, if you pay attention you might snatch up a few great bargains to add to your stash. It's worth a shot!

Happy Stitching,


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Fiesta said...

Susan you did great! I may have to head over to Joanns