Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giving Birth to Twins ... not what you think!

Yes, it is true, I actually finished something!  Actually, two somethings! 

These are the bags I made using my Stash Challenge fabrics.  There are some fabrics I bought this year, and the triangular Indian fabric I've had since the early 70s.  I remember buying it in this really cute boutique in Lake Tahoe when I was there with my family one summer.  I've used bits and pieces of it over the years and still have a few triangles left.  It actually feels good to use them!

These bags have the exact same patchwork base but are embellished and finished differently.  Since I string pieced them at the same time it was a lot less time consuming.  Besides, I like to take the same thing and finish it differently; it kind of takes away from my problem of always wishing I'd done something differently.  This way I have a second chance!

Here are some details.  I stitched beads to the outside of my appliques, and went to town with my collection of buttons.  I'm determined to use up as much of my stuff as I can.  I hope this determination holds up!

One thing you might not be able to see is how I attached the straps.  I really hate the way straps look when they're stitched onto the front of a bag.  I've been guilty of it myself, and there are times when they look good that way.  However, I wanted a more tailored look so I inserted D rings directly into the patchwork between the first and second rows. 

They're attached via strips of fabric which I reinforced with fusible web, (I also didn't have to sew them...yippee!).  I then looped the strips around the D ring and then stitched it directly into the seam.  Once I mounted the patchwork onto my fusible batting, I fused the strip facing away from the D ring and then stitched in the ditch to make sure it's reinforced.  It's a light and easy way to attach straps and I've never seen it before . . . although I'm sure someone else thought of it before I did!

Anyway, I hope those of you who have taken up the challenge are working on using up your stash.  I'm going to make some more bags in different sizes, some for gifts and some to sell.  I'm planning to get a store up soon and I'll let you know when that happens.  Pricing everything is the hardest part!

Oh, and I got my bag back from Kaufman Quilt Quest!  The ribbon was a little frayed, but the bag looked great and for once was bigger than I thought it was ... how could that be?  I'm really losing it!

Here's hoping somebody finds it, and quick!

Happy Stitching!


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