Friday, October 23, 2009

A Scrappy Halloween Bag

I was supposed to be spending time today putting out our Halloween decorations but instead decided to finish my Halloween scrap bag.

It's similar in design to the one I did a couple of months ago, but it's a lot bigger. It's 16" high, 12" wide and 6" deep. I was trying out some new piecing ideas, and I can't resist anything with orange in it, (it's become my new favorite color!). I also love black and white prints because they add a touch of class to whatever you use them in.

I figured I'd get a lot of use out of this over the years, I just wish I'd made it when my son was still trick or treating as I always ended up with parts of his costume before the night was over. Oh well, I'll have fun lugging it around next week.

This is the other side of the bag. I was inspired by a button I found at JoAnns yesterday, (the "Happy Halloween" one in the picture below. I also remembered some scrapbooking "softies" I'd picked up at Big Lots last year for a dollar. They sure make it more Halloweeny!

I love scrapbooking supplies for my quilting. A lot of them are useless because you can't sew them on, but the softies are great because you can just stick your needle through the foam and sew it on wherever you want to. They hold up well although you have to be careful about getting them dirty as nothing will get the dirt off them once it's on. I don't think they're washable, but I haven't tried yet.
Well, that's it for me today. Lots to do over the weekend so I might not have another post until Monday.
Happy Stitching!