Thursday, October 22, 2009

Butterflies are Free! Finally!

Whew! The butterflies are finally done!

I wish the photos were better, but these were some of my favorites. The one above shows what I like to do with polka dots. I love to fill them in with other round shapes, (beads, sequins, buttons). By varying the size and type of embellishment you can still keep the "polka dot" look while adding texture and interest, (and sparkle!).

This butterfly is an example of a fussy cut applique. I just took a printed butterfly from a piece of fabric and appliqued it to my base wings. Notice how I use the beads and stitching to draw your eye outside of the appliqued section. This helps to integrate it with the wings.

This butterfly was simpler and was based on my wanting to use these cute oval shaped mother-of-pearl buttons. By using beads down from the top and around the center of the oval shape I created a wing shape within a wing shape.

This butterfly is amongst the simplest but I love how it looks. The homemade buttons are surrounded by a mix of seed and glass beads. I love how the beads pull colors out of the buttons, the wings, and the background.
Next I'm going to quilt the center of the quilt. I'm planning on stitching in the ditch around all of the seam lines. I usually do this when I'm going to do embellishment on top of patchwork. I find that it helps me get the patchwork pieces flat and lined up properly. It also adds dimension. Since the batting I'm using had little loft it'll give it a little depth without making whatever I applique on top lie funky. You'll see!
So, I'm off to cut more fabric pieces. I was inspired by a button I picked up at JoAnns to make myself a Halloween bag so I hope to have that finished to show you tomorrow. It's been fun picking out the oranges and blacks from my stash.
Just what I need, another project to slow me down. Oh well!
Happy Stitching!

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