Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Which Stitch?

Which stitch to use? I usually do hand applique like the image above. I love outlining shapes in beads and buttons and I'd like to do something similar on my "Creative Journey" quilt.

On this project I decided to go in a different direction than usual and fuse the applique pieces to the quilt. So far, so good.

Now since I don't have a lot of experience with fused applique I decided to try a few different ways of finishing the wings.

I often do sample swatches of techniques to make sure I'm on the right track. In this case I used the background fabric with the batting and backing. I also fused the wings onto the swatch so I could practice on a surface as close to the actual quilt as I could get.

I have a cute little Janome machine that has a "buttonhole" stitch option. Unfortunately, it's hideous! Yikes! It doesn't help that I need some practice using my machine for purposes other than straight stitching. So, after one go that option was definitely out of contention!

The second option was to back stitch around the wing and let the fusing hold it in place. I then went back and threaded beads into the stitches. This option's OK, and I might use it somewhere on the piece, but it makes me nervous that I'm not stitching directly into the wing. I probably need to get over that, but for now I'll stay in my comfort zone.

My third option is to do a hand buttonhole stitch. It's hard to keep this stitch even, but if I take my time I should be able to get it close enough. I like that the embroidery floss I'm using gives the edges extra bulk and color. I also played with different ways of inserting beads, or attaching them after the buttonhole stitch was done.

I decided to do the hand buttonhole stitch and then embellish it with beads afterwards. When I looked at my butterflies I thought that they could use a little more color, (in my world, everything can!). So, doing the stitch in a contrasting color would help jazz things up a bit, and it'll give me the opportunity to introduce the colors from the interior patchwork piece into the border without taking it too far.

Now I just have to stitch all of the butterflies down . . . I'm off to my easy chair to sit and stitch for a few hours.

Happy Stitching!


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Caryn said...

My post got eaten so I will try again! LOL!

I really like the beading on the butterflies. It gives them movement and is so eye catching. I would love to see the finished art when it is finished.

I can understand about comfort zones as I too am trying to expand in my little quilting world. We can do it.

Have fun stitching.