Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last week I was in a bit of a piecing frenzy and this is one of the three quilt tops I pieced. They aren't very big so don't be too impressed! I'm more impressed that I actually cleaned up afterwards . . .

Whenever I find myself in a fabric cutting and piecing mood I try to capitalize on it. Since most of my pieces are hand quilted and embellished I like to have a few pieces ready so I don't get bored and give up.

This top was particularly difficult to piece because of all of the squares. Why I did that to myself I don't know. I guess I was looking for a challenge and I found one. It was a real pain but I'm glad I did it. It's not perfect, but when I quilt it I can manipulate the fabric to help square it, and if I have to I can embellish it in a way to hide its' "multitude of sins," (now if only I could do that with my hips . . . sigh!)

I really love the color scheme. Shades of pink and red are my favorite colors. I'd always been partial to them but when I had my son I realized that I was officially outnumbered. Pink is my claim to "girl"ness and I'm going to hang onto it as long as I can. My husband is color blind so it doesn't bother him much, but when my 11 year old son sees pink, it's like seeing "red." He hates it! Anything pink or purple is anathema and heaven forbid if he should ever wander from the electronic toy section and end up in the Barbie aisle . . . I honestly think that experience would kill him.

Pink is my independence! I'm hanging in there even though I'm seriously outnumbered. This house is full of fishing gear, electronic games, baseball gear, footballs, basketballs, and soccer balls, (don't get me started on that . . . my husband was a coach for years and our garage is full of deflated soccer balls). I can't even sit in my chair in the family room without a catcher's mask on, it's like living in a giant pinball machine!

So, when the going gets tough and the balls start to fly I get on my hands and knees, crawl to the stairs, run up to my studio, and . . . breathe pink!

ahhhh. . .

Happy Stitching!


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