Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Stop . . . At The Border

Yesterday we started a journey of discovery. I know I wasn't sure where it would lead and if I don't know and I'm the one doing it. . . well, how would you know? Duh . . .

So, here we go again. In this case I decided to start at the border. The blue looks great with the pieced section of the quilt but it needs some interest. Also, I like to have flow between the elements, so what ever I do is going to have to be something that I can integrate into the whole design.

Now this is where it gets tricky. I don't know what the design is! I think it needs to be something "gardeny," (love making up words!). When I look at it I see blue sky and a garden in the middle. Are you with me?

So, my first decision was to do something with leaves. I decided to make the fabrics darker to give the border more interest, so I applied fusible web to some pieces and cut out leaf shapes.

Now the fun part, laying them out on the quilt and seeing what works.

My first idea was to take a traditional approach and make a wreath-like border. I think I'm on the right track as far as the colors go. The darker colors will integrate well with the pieced section, and they'll also bring your eye into the quilt. I like that happening on a border because if your eye is going in, you might not notice those minor imperfections that happen around the edges.

However, I wasn't crazy about it. It wasn't bad but it wasn't doing anything for me. So, I decided to play around with the leaf pieces to see if I could come up with a better idea.

When I joined them together at the base I realized that they look like butterflies. I like that! Butterflies would be perfect with a garden theme and with the blue background it's almost like they're flying around the garden.

Since I do so much embellishment a bevy of butterflies appeals to me more. Each one could be it's own little work of art and perhaps I could add a few to the pieced section to tie things together? Or maybe not, I'm not sure yet.

However, I've decided to take a leap of faith and go with the butterflies. Next up, making sure
they're evenly spaced and correctly placed.
I hope I'm onto something. We'll see!

Happy Stitching!


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Colleen said...

Your border is looking spectacular! When I first looked at it as a border of individual leaves I thought " maybe she could use them in pairs like leaves on stems" Then those leaves became the most wonderful butterflies. You are so talented and I love letting the fabrics speak to me and tell me what to do with them!