Friday, September 18, 2009

Finding Time

I have about an hour before I go to pick up my son. I can't wait to hear about how much fun he had at Science Camp, and of course I can't wait to give him a big hug.

I was thinking today about how hard it is to find time to quilt. I'm luckier than most because I run my own little business out of my home, so technically I should have at least a few hours each day to devote to quilting.

It never works out that way. Between emails, phone calls, marketing my business, and creating new products it's hard not to feel guilty taking any of that time for myself. Not to mention that I have a house to clean, meals to prepare, shopping to do, my son to drop off and pick up at school, homework to supervise, and a husband who needs me.

I try to do all of my business when my son is at school, then it's time for homework, dinner, and spending time together as a family. When I used to work for another company from home I found myself working in the evenings a lot and I swore that when I ran my own company I wouldn't do that unless absolutely necessary. So, now once homework is done I shut the computer down, put the sewing stuff away and focus on my family.

The one positive thing about having quilting as a passion is that there are places you can squeeze it in. I actually have a cabinet in our entertainment center where I store my hand sewing supplies, and an Ottlite lamp by my chair. Most of my sewing happens there, with my family around me and the little dog trying to squeeze between me and the arm of the chair.

It's a cozy scene and when it's cold outside and the fireplace is on, it really is the perfect place to be.

So even though lack of sewing time is one of the main things that makes me cranky, having my family around helps soothe it a bit. It's great to be needed and I realized that even more while my son's been away. It drives me crazy when he needs me all the time, but I missed him needing me, annoying me, loving me . . .what's a mom to do?

Anyway, enough of that, he'll be home in an hour or so driving me crazy again!

I'm still working on stitching the butterflies onto the "Creative Journey" quilt and I'm a little over half done so I'm thinking of taking a blogging break this weekend. I'll be back on Monday, hopefully with an embellished butterfly or two.

Happy Stitching and Have a Great Weekend!


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