Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crazy People

Has anyone else noticed an increase in crazy people out there? Maybe it's the economy, or people not being raised properly, or just plain out and out craziness, but I've noticed a lot less civility lately.

I live in a small city where generally people seemed to get along pretty well. It's not perfect but compared to my experiences living in Oakland, I thought I'd arrived in nirvana. I walk my dog everyday and meet the nicest people in the park, and have had mostly gracious and easy interactions with my neighbors.

So, what happened yesterday really threw me for a loop. I wasn't going to post about it but since this blog is called "The Cranky Quilter" and this experience made me very cranky I guess it applies.

My son and I were leaving our house to go visit his grandparents. We got down to the end of the street, realized we'd forgotten something and headed back down to our house. Now, you have to understand our street has speed bumps about every 10 yards because it's near a high school and the kids were using it as a speedway. Going any faster than the posted speed limit of 15 is virtually impossible, unless you want to destroy your vehicle.

So, I pulled up to my house, got out of my car and was verbally assaulted by a male neighbor about 3 houses down on the other side of the street. He was washing his car in the street and had half of it blocked, so when I drove past I had to go fairly close to him. However, as I stated I couldn't have been going even 15 miles an hour. . . and his car was in the middle of the street where it was blocking half the road.

He screamed at me all kinds of obscenities, said that I had to "slow down" and I didn't have to drive so "f........n fast." The scariest part was when he started walking towards me. At this point he was still about 20 yards away, so I told him that if he had a problem that he could call the cops and ran into my house. My son was still in the car, fortunately locked in, so as soon as I saw the neighbor had backed off I ran out to the car, got in and took off down the other side of the street.

I probably should have called the cops but I admit the whole thing really threw me! I will admit that this guy is a bit of jerk, he's always using the street as an addition to his house, hanging out in it with his friends and dogs, but until that time he hadn't said two words to me. I had no idea he was a screaming lunatic.

Of course I called my husband who said he'd take care of it, and he will. This neighbor is often out in the street so the next time he sees him he's going to have a "conversation" with him and let him know that if he EVER approaches me again that I will be calling the police.

Suffice it to say the rest of my day was ruined, I shook for hours, and my son was a wreck. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to call the police when it happened, but who knows, maybe he already regrets his actions and he'll leave us alone in future. Calling the cops might have made it worse.

Have any of you had an experience like this? I'm having a hard time feeling comfortable even walking out to my car, or out to the mail box. I wish I understood why people do things like this!

And it's cramping my quilting style!

I want to "feel groovy" again . . .


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