Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Secrets of a Fabric Collector, Part 2

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted! I’d like to say that it’s been for wonderful and fun reasons, but actually it’s just been life and a dose of the flu. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Anyway, I’m feeling semi-normal again, which is how I usually feel so I guess you could say I’m normal, (which if you knew me well would be a stretch!). It’s kind of confusing when you’re having menopausal symptoms and the flu…is that a hot flash or do I have a raging fever all of a sudden? Either way it’s no fun, and it really adds to those loads of laundry that have been piling up since I’ve been sick.

So, since I’m at about 85% I decided to spend the day doing laundry and getting caught up on things I can do without exerting myself too much. Hence…a blog posting!

Now, when I left off last time I was talking about buying fabrics, and was in the midst of sorting mine. I actually did finish the sorting and will upload a picture as soon as I can find the cables for the digital camera, (always a hitch!). However, it’s done, and it is satisfying to see the fabrics stacked neatly by color and category. I stacked the top two shelves with individual fabrics by color. These are fabrics of which I have only one color-way, and don’t fit into my other categories. Those categories are: metallics, dots, stripes & plaids, batiks, toiles & damasks, 1930s, lettered (fabrics with alphabets, numbers, writing, etc.), and solids. Within those groups I put all of the different color-ways of a fabric together.

I also have categories for different designers, namely my Kaffe Fassett fabrics, which I try to get all color-ways of each year. It’s an investment but his colors are so fab and the fabrics so cool that my only worry is that I’ll have enough. (his fabrics are the ones I always buy a yard of if I see them on sale). The rest of the case is filled with fabrics of which I have multiple color-ways. I like to keep them together.

I have a few stacks of holiday themed fabrics that I store separately as I don’t use them for most of my projects, as well as larger pieces that are suitable for backings and linings. These I keep in baskets above my case.

Oh, and more on what I was talking about last time….

If you are collecting colors as I suggested, one of the best ways is to wait for the clearance sales and pick up what you can then. I love the clearance bins online, particularly on, and They often have fabrics that are still at regular price in shops and online at great prices. Fabric Shack has a great clearance section with fabrics starting at $1.98 a yard, and their shipping prices make it worthwhile. also has great prices, ( I suggest signing up for their email ads…many great sales!), and if you buy $35 worth there are no shipping charges. Also, if you live in a high sales tax state like me, (hear me California Legislature!!), you don’t have to pay sales tax.

Oh, and neither of these sites make you buy 1 yard of a clearance fabric like Hancock’s of Paducah does, (although I love their site as well).

Happy shopping and stacking!


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