Friday, August 21, 2009

Indy and the "Sewing Advantage"

Above is a picture of our new little dog, Indy. As you can see he's sitting on a patchwork pillow, (big surprise!). He's a sweet little thing and I'm a lot less lonely because he sits in a bed on my desk while I'm working away. Pets are such a blessing!

As to another blessing, it occurred to me last night that being able to sew is a huge advantage in this economy. My son's backpack's zipper broke and instead of going out and getting him another one, I dug into my zipper stash, and was able to put a new one in.

I'm not saying it was easy, because of course the zipper that went was one of the first the original seamstresses put in. It looks like they built the backpack around that section. So, of course I had to take apart lining, sides, and various sections and then somehow put it all back together. Fortunately, I'm a skilled hand seamstress so I ended up doing it by hand as there's no way I could get it into the machine without taking the whole thing apart. However, I got it fixed, and he's thrilled because he loves the backpack he has, and I'm thrilled because I don't have to go out and spend $40 on a new one.

This is far from the first time I've been able to mend, make over, or alter something that's made a difference in our lives. Recently I bought a soft halter for Indy which I had to tailor to fit him, (he's like the rest of this family...between sizes!), so now he has a comfy halter that fits him perfectly. I just picked up a cute little raincoat for him at the dollar store, which I'm going to have to refit. But, heck, $1 and a little elbow grease, and he'll have a perfect little hooded coat without the high pet store price.

I learned how to sew from my mother when I was around five. Then I took sewing classes at the local Singer store, and of course, the wonderful Home Economics classes in junior high and high school. I'm not sure if they even have those courses anymore, but I suspect the women of my generation can at least sew on a button, (and who can regret those fresh baked cookies!). "Project Runway" has gone a long way in getting people interested in sewing again, I'm glad to see it making a resurgence, and hopefully these young people will take up the quilting banner and continue building on our heritage.

Happy Stitching!



Sue said...

Love the title of your blog and Indy is rather cute too.

Helen said...

Hi Susan

I found your blog via a posting on the Quilting Down Under Yahoo group I belong to. I LOVE the name of your blog. I wish I'd thought of it first 'cos it describes me to a 'T' :-)

I was interested in your comments about the fabric lines companies do. I live in New Zealand and we don't see half the fabric you do (although we can buy on-line postage can be a killer). I look at all the ads in the quilt magazines for fabric and then I look at the patterns, which use lines of fabric, and I think they can be rather 'samey'. I much prefer quilts made with variety and not all 'matchy, matchy'.

Nice to 'meet' you.

Susan said...

Hi Ladies!

Thanks Sue, I was having one of "those" days when I named it. It fits! Yes, Indy is cute, but it's difficult to type on my laptop when he's squeezed between me and it!

Helen, I'm with you about using "lines" of fabric. I'm so not a "matchy,matchy" quilter!
Frankly, I love mixing things up. As soon as my husband tracks down that USB cord I'll post some photos of what I do so you can see.

As far as fabric selection in New Zealand, I can imagine it's limited. My husband's from Ireland and I've brought over tons to distribute amongst "crafty" friends over there. It is getting better in Ireland and the UK, but still so much more limited than here. I guess we've got so many people that it's worth it to the textile manufacturers to cater to us.

Happy Stitching and it's great meeting both of you too!