Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fabric, Fabric, and More Fabric!

It’s the dirty little secret of quilting; fabric addiction.

We whine about having too much fabric, or complain about how much our fabric purchases cost, or about how hard it is to keep it all organized. Then what do we do when this gets us down? We log on or head out and buy more fabric!

It’s a disease….

I’ve been quilting since the late seventies and have purged my stash multiple times. My latest purge was a few months ago when I got rid of two large boxes worth. Fortunately, I was able to donate it to a local quilt guild that makes quilts for charity so I didn’t feel as bad about it . But, frankly, it’s kind of sad that I had all that fabric lying around, and I didn’t do anything with it!

So now I’m tackling the next phase of the process. Re-organizing and restacking the fabric I have left, along with the stuff I bought over the summer. It’s a huge task because I keep changing my mind about how I want to stack them. I used to do them by color but discovered that I liked having the different color ways of the same fabric together. And then there are all of the fabric collections, I like to keep them together as well. So, do I keep the metallics separate from the regular cottons, or do I mix them together by color? And what about those holiday prints?


What I usually end up doing is overanalyze the situation to the point that I just give up and start shoving everything back on the shelves. If you looked at my fabric case, (it ceased being a bookcase years ago), you’d see 3 shelves of neatly stacked color sorted fabrics, and then total chaos. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde, the neat, organized, anal me and the “it’s going to have to do because I’m so over it” me. I’m not a big believer in astrology, but I am a Gemini and those twins are two totally dysfunctional chicks!

Oh well, it’s back to the piles. I’m tackling stripes next…send in the clowns!!!



Dee Soden said...

Oh my! I am in total awe!
Would you send your Tidy Fairy down under please!
D in NSW, Australia

Susan said...

Hi Dee,

There's actually a funny story about my "neatness." I donated a bunch of fabric to a quilt guild and it was all folded and stacked neatly in boxes. The next time they saw me I had several women come up to me in awe. I thought it was because they loved the quilts I'd brought to show but it turned out that they couldn't believe that my fabrics had been folded and stacked so neatly. It was like having quilt "groupies" but not because I'm such a spectacular quilter, but just because I'm a little neater than your average bear!

My mother was with me, all prepared to bask in the glow of my talent, only to realize that they only cared about how neatly I'd folded my stash. Oh well, as I said to her, at least you're getting credit for raising a neat child!

Oh, and it's too bad the Tidy Fairy doesn't enter other rooms of my house, my son's bathroom is in danger of being named a toxic waste dump!