Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cranky is as Cranky does...

After I named my blog, set it up, and sat down to write my first post it occurred to me that I'm not really sure who I'm writing this for. I know that for me it's a bit of therapy, a way to work out those artistic kinks and get me motivated. But I started wondering about who would be attracted to a blog called "The Cranky Quilter."

Now, I guess if you're looking for a word expressing a certain amount of dissatisfaction, "cranky" is less threatening than most. I mean who'd read a blog called "The Surly Quilter," or "The Depressed Quilter," or even "The Peri-Menopausal Quilter with a Mean Streak." "The Grumpy Quilter" isn't as bad but for some reason it seems like it has too much testosterone for me, (maybe it's all those viewings of "Grumpy Old Men" ). The fact is that if you want to express a certain amount of unhappiness, mostly temporary, and often alleviated with a touch of humor, I guess "cranky" is the best term.

And cranky I am, usually for a reason, but often not, (it's called Menopause ladies...). So, if you just had a difficult guild meeting, got ignored at the quilt shop (again!), or just realized you pieced a whole series of blocks backwards, join me and cater to your inner cranky child. You know you want to.....



Dee Soden said...

Nice to meet another 'cranky'.
It's not called 'the mentalpause' for nothing.

Let's see some of your quilts?!

Sally Westcott said...

Granky is good! Keeps children and grand children in line without hurting anyone!

I agree with Dee. Please can we see some quilts

Julie said...

From one Cranky Quilter to another.....Hi there!LOL I often feel cranky, especially during the long hot summer months when I have things to do and no energy or desire to do them!LOL Show us ya quilts!

Helen from Hobart said...

Cranky is FINE. Feel normal to me.

BTW To get attention in shops all you have to do is have an "extreme" hair cut. Well that's what my hairdresser called it. I called it assymmetric - short one side, long the other.
I did it for fun - not working so no need to conform, no one to please except me - and it was fun PLUS no one ignored me in shops !!

Helen from Hobart
Tasmania, Australia

Susan said...

Hi Ladies!

I've been meaning to add a few of my quilts to the mix so my next post will have pictures of some quilts and a little more background on me and my particular brand of insanity.

I don't have any recent stuff because I have to find the USB cable for my digital camera before I can download any new pictures.

Anyway, I'll try to get a post out this afternoon.

See ya!